Digital Video Art             ARTC 3440


Assignment #3: Re-viewing Film: Becoming a Critic!

(due Monday, November 16 – upload to Canvas)


ASSIGNMENT :: Choose a familiar film that you have access to on DVD or online. Cue it up to a 1-2 minute scene of your choice.


1)    Watch the selected scene a few times (until you know well the action/plot). Describe the action of the scene as descriptively as you can. (3 points)






2)    Now watch the same scene WITHOUT sound. Rewatch it several times, concentrating on shots, angles, order, rhythm, etc. - independently of sound. Describe in explicit detail what you SEE. (3 points):










3)    Now turn the audio on, watch (and listen to) it again. This time allow yourself to pause at edits, examine transitions, rewind, watch again, notice things such as effects (a lot, a few?). What do you observe in this detailed viewing? Pay careful attention to pacing, effects, etc. (3 points):










4)    Now, rewind again but this time ONLY listen to the audio, don’t watch the screen. Listen for nuances in the soundtrack – pull out the production sound versus the foley (added after). Pinpoint the speech, music, and noise (sound effects). Repeat the viewing as needed until you can notice every nuance. Describe what you have observed, in detail. (3 points):











5)    Finally, write a summary of your overall experience of this assignment. What details are you most aware of now that you missed the first time you watched the scene? What are you more aware of? How has this made you reconsider how audio and visuals work together to create a film? (3 points)