ARTC 3440, Fall 2015
Digital Video Art
Assignment #2: Aesthetics in the Shot
Source Tapes/Files & Log Sheets Due: Monday, August 31st
**Please cue tape to your best shot to show in class.

There are many steps in producing a time-based artwork. Development and pre-production includes concept development, script, storyboard, finding talent and locations, acquiring equipment, etc. Production includes the actual shooting of the raw elements and everything involved with talent, lighting, cameras, etc. Post-production includes editing, sound track creation, and visual effects. Distribution gets the final film out into the public.

For this project, you will focus on the PRODUCTION, specifically the aesthetics of the camerawork. You are coming fresh off the Shooting Workshop, so your goal is to get the HIGHEST QUALITY shots possible. You will be graded on the overall quality of the shots (composition, color, focus, steadiness, etc.) and the variety of approach to the subject.

Select a location(s) and a subject and setup and record the following shots. It is recommended that you do multiple takes to get the shot you desire. Don’t worry about trimming the shot (for example, if you need to walk into the scene for the two-shot, that is fine!). Be sure to motivate the moving shots and execute them well! (consider the framing at the beginning and end of the shot, and pause at start/end.). Complete a log sheet while you are shooting.

Still shots:

  1. Establishing shot (EWS)
  2. Long shot (LS)
  3. Medium shot (MS)
  4. Medium Close-up (MCU)
  5. Close-up (CU)
  6. Extreme Close-up (ECU)
  7. Two-shot (MWS) of two people
  8. High-angle shot
  9. Low-angle shot
Moving shots:
  1. Pan
  2. Tilt
  3. Dolly
  4. Truck/Track
  5. Canting
  6. Zoom
  7. Rack-Focus
  1. Change color through White Balance (two takes of same shot with different color) or use Color Phase menu item
  2. Change exposure (take three shots - one over, one under, and one properly exposed)
  3. Try an in-camera effect

Technical RULES / Requirements:

  • You must use a Tripod when shooting. (or stabilize your camera somehow (i.e. no shaky, hand-held shots!)
  • You must use the Manual Focus (not auto focus) when shooting, and focus each shot.
  • You must White Balance your camera before each shot.
  • Each shot should last 15 seconds to 1 minute depending on the speed of the action.
  • Use the info from Reading #1 to help you determine HOW to best set up your shot.
  • Complete a LOG SHEET while you are shooting, and hand it in with your tape / files
    >> download pdf or xls file <<
  • Be sure to bring the final tape to class, cued to your best shot.
  • Suggested Techniques:


    Camcorder Reservations / Checkout:

  • MCaP, 1026 Fine Arts Ctr 372-1077, Mon-Thurs 8:15am - 7pm, closed 11am-1pm. Friday 11am-2pm (5 MiniDV, 3 HDV, and 3 HD)
  • STAC, 122 Jerome library, 372-9277, Mon-Thurs 8am-10pm; Fri 8am-5pm, Sun 6-10pm

    User Manuals:

  • Download the User Manuals for the MCaP Camcorders HERE.
  • Video Tapes:

  • BGSU Bookstore, Mini-DV
  • B&H Photo Video, Mini-DV $2.19 or less+ each depending on quantity

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