ARTC 3440, Fall 2015
Digital Video Art
Assignment #1: In-Class Video / Sound / Lighting Exercise- First Day of Class!!
YOU HAVE ONLY 50 MINUTES TOTAL to complete this assignment !!


Exercise Objectives:

1) With a partner: Take 10-15 minutes (total, 5-7 min per person) to interview each other: Take written notes! As they are sharing about themselves, start thinking of how / where you might shoot their video intro and which stories are most interesting and memorable. Ask: As your partner is answering the questions, listen for ideas about how you might “frame” their interview. Think about LOCATION - what would be a good place (nearby on campus) where their STORY can be told. What kind of introduction do you want to give, which story will you share? Will they introduce themselves, or will you tell their story? How will you tell it?

Once you have completed this informal “research” about your partner and chosen a location and format/structure for your videos, return to room 202 to pick up a camcorder.

Return to room 202 to borrow a camcorder and tripod. Do you need a microphone? Get a quick lesson on your specific camcorder.

2) Use the remaining 20-30 minutes to create TWO videos (one for each of you!). Each take a turn as:

3) Produce one 3-minute video for your partner (NOT LONGER) that introduces him/her to the class. The only requirements are:

If you have any technical trouble, please come back to room 202 for assistance!

Try to create a compelling video that shares a story about your partner in a memorable way!

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