ARTC 3440, Fall 2015
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Project #2:
Graphic Matches

DUE: Wednesday, October 14:

Create a 2-5 minute video of the content of your choice that uses Graphic Matches to provoke interesting questions about form, content, or both. Consider alternatives to Continuity Editing. Recall how sequences of action matches or graphic matches outside the narrative story can change or manipulate the feel and viewing of the film. You may want to consider CONTRAST while creating this piece - both visual and conceptual. How can you utilize contrast to create a mood, give psychological perspectives or show insight? How can you use graphic matches to help to support those perspectives in your video?

A graphic match occurs when you edit two or more images together that are similar in color, composition, movement, or object shape. Some well-known examples we will view in class:

Your assignment is to create a narrative or non-narrative video art piece that uses 5-8 matching shots to add to the conceptual meaning of your piece. You may also use digital still images You may use transitions, color effects, etc., but only cuts are necessary for this project. Try some lighting effects with the light kit. Use a tripod. Time-lapse cinematography (i.e. shots of the same scene throughout the day) can bring out interesting things with natural light. And don't forget to carefully consider the audio for this piece.


Monday, September 28: Pre-production - Two things due UPLOADED TO CANVAS:

  1. DETAILED, PROFESSIONAL Storyboard! (you may also include a script, but MUST have a storyboard so we understand your matches!)
    1. use the HD or SD storyboard template, multiple pages will be needed.
  2. Also write & include a SHORT (less than 300 word) synopsis! You will be graded on your writing, so make it clean and clear.

Wednesday, September 30: FINAL, digitally-edited version of Project #1 due copied to “Homework Folder > Project 1 Finals” and on the class Vimeo page.

Wednesday, October 7: Production - In-progress check-in - must have footage digitized and roughed (grade recorded)

Wednesday, October 14: PROJECT #2 DUE - (copied to HW folder) - In-Class CRITIQUE FOR GRADE
*NOTE: Works not 100% ready will be reduced one grade per day not ready.

Wednesday, October 28: Improved version of Project #2 due - uploaded to vimeo and copied to HW folder..

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