Video Installation Art / Projection Mapping


Pre-Production Files:

Blank Storyboard templates:
HD (widescreen) template 16:9 ratio
SD (standard) storyboard template 4:3 ratio

Videotape Log sheet: .xls or .pdf

Cinema Optique! 2013 (Wolfe Center Map) Storyboard
Architectural cross-section of the Wolfe Center
2013 Wolfe Center Map (2014 will be redone with new projectors)


Wankelman Gallery Floorplan

Technical Tutorials:

Green Screen / Color Keying:
     Green / Blue Screen Check List
     Fixing faulty green screen footage in Adobe After Effects CC

Adobe After Effects:
     Adobe TV: Learning After Effects CC : START HERE:
          1) Basic workflow and terminology (2:48)
          2) Creating your first project (7:11)
          3) Importing Elements (6:20)
          5) Organizing Projects (6:44)
          6) Building compositions with layers (7:09)
          7) Create a new composition (7:13)
     Roto Brush

Puppet Tool (After Effects):
     Puppet Tool- Puppet Master
     Animating Part 1 (Photoshop) The Bird
     Animating Part 2 (AfterEffects) The Bird
     The Puppet Tool (monkey)

Adobe Premiere Pro:
Learn Premiere Pro CC: START HERE:
          1) Adobe Premiere Pro CC Overbiew (1:38)
          2) An Overview of the interface (17:30)
          3) Importing Media (1:33)
          4) Editing to the Timeline (4:55)
          5) Refining the edit (2:45)
          6) Adding transitions (3:06)

Final Cut Pro 7:
     Composite Modes
     GenArts Saphhire Plugins
     Travel Mattes

Sources for Sounds and Music:
(Make sure you download copyright/royalty-free audio ONLY)

BGSU Omnimusic Library Available ON CAMPUS ONLY!

To download audio using IE: Find Audio file you want and hold down the Right mouse button over the link and Save Target As...

Pay for sounds:

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