Video Installation Artists

From Chapter 3 of New Media in Art by Michael Rush


Gary Hill


Wolf Vostell:

Television Decollage, 1963:


Nam June Paik:

Video Jungle, 1977: (video doc of museum)

Electronic Superhighway: Bill Clinton Stole My Idea, 1993: (at Smithsonian)

Video doc:


Shigeko Kubota

Europe on ½ Inch a Day, 1972: bio)

Duchampiana: Nude Descending a Staircase, 1976: (MoMA collection)

Audio interview:


Les Levine:


Bruce Nauman:

Performance Corridor, 1969 Guggenheim: (video doc)


Peter Campus:

Art In America article by Bill Viola in 1969:


Dieter Froese:

Not a Model for Big Brother's Spy-Cycle, 1987:


Vito Acconci:
Following Piece, 1969: (The Met)


Jordan Crandall:

Drive, (1998-2000):

Heatseeking (1999-2000):


Julia Scher:

Security by Julia series:



Frank Gillette:

Wipe Cycle, 1969:


John Reilly and Stefan Moore:

The Irish Tapes: (EAI)


Dara Birnbaum:

PM Magazine, 1982

Rio Videowall, 1989: (image)


Fabrizio Plessi:



Willie Doherty:

Somewhere else, 1998:


Stan Douglas

Evening, 1994:


Marcel Odenbach:

Eine Faust in der Tasche Machen, 1994:


Krzystof Wodiczko:




Sukran Aziz:



Marina Abramovic:

Blakan Baroque, 1997:


Douglas Gordon:

Hysterical, 1995:

Through a looking glass, 1999: (Guggenheim)


Shirin Neshat:

Turbulent, 1998: (video) (MCA)




Steina and Woody Vasulka:

Machine Vision, 1976:

Orka, 1997:


Bill Viola:

Official Website:

The Stations, 1994

Slowly Turning Narrative, 1992:

The Messenger, 1996: (Guggenheim) (installation doc)

The Crossing, 1996: (making of)

The Stopping Mind, 1991:

Room for St. John of the Cross, 1983: (guggenheim)

Reasons for Knocking at an Empty House, 1982:


Gary Hill:

Tall Ships, 1992:


Mary Lucier:

Last Rites (Positano), 1995

Wilderness, 1986: (EAI)

Ohio at Giverny, 1983: (EAI)





Adrian Piper:

What It's Like, What It Is #3, 1991:

Out of the Corner, 1997:


Kutlug Ataman:

Stefan's Room:


Teiji Furuhashi:

Lovers, 1994-5


Tony Oursler:

Mansheshe, 1997,%201997&subSection=Installations&allTextFlg=true&title=Man%20She%20She

Poetics Project, 1997 (with Mike Kelley):,%201997&subSection=Collaborations&allTextFlg=false&title=Poetics%20Project:%20In%20Collaboration%20with%20Mike%20Kelley Tony Oursler interview with Tony


Amy Jenkins:

Ebb, 1996:


Tracey Moffett:

Heaven, 1997:


Pippilotti Rist:

I'm not the girl who misses much, 1986: (artist website)

Saffron Flower or Fall Time Less, 2004:


Steve McQueen:

Bear, 1993:

Deadpan, 1997:


Rodney Graham:

Vexation Island, 1997:



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