Video Installation Art / Projection Mapping

Assignment #2: Video Installation Artist Presentation

DUE: Wednesday, September 3

Description: Before we begin creating our own installations that include video, we will explore both the history of this art form as well as research contemporary artists working in this genre. This assignment has two steps:

  1. Read the Introduction and Chapter 3: Video Installation Art from New Media In Art by Michael Rush. Here you will find links that I have put together to sample images and videos of artworks, articles, etc.
    1. Please explore the links and search for other online resources (please email them to me and I will add them to our website).
    2. Come to class on Wednesday prepared to talk about the content of the article (quiz?)
    3. Write a page that discusses possibilities for how you see your own artwork expanding into installation / performance. Type up that page and email it to me before class (helliot(at) Be prepared to discuss it in class. (You may want to refer to previous artworks, feel free to include links or images of those artworks.

  2. Research and create a presentation on a Contemporary Artist who incorporates video into their installations / performances. They may be digital artists, sculptors, or performance artists, but the research you do should focus on the past five years. (since 2009). (Share the google doc with me: Elliott.famularo(at)

    1. RESEARCH: Browse through these major venues and select an artist who exhibited in the past five years (these links are merely a starting point, you may go deeper and should use other resources):
      1. Whitney Biennial:
      2. Venice Biennale:
      3. Documenta:
    2. Email me the name of the artist and what venue and year they exhibited (there may be overlap). Please send this by Monday morning. Select 1-3 artworks by this artist to discuss and present.
    3. Do some background research and dig deeper into this work analyzing it as video installation art. Use the Rush article to contextualize the work as needed.
    4. PRESENT: Put together a Google presentation on this artist and their artwork(s). Insert several images of the artwork, and video if you can find it. Be sure to properly caption the artwork as follows:
      1. Name of the artist(s)
      2. Title of the work
      3. Year and place of installation
      4. Include an active hyperlink to the image/video source.
      5. Please also include a page with basic biographical information on the artist (their nationality, age, experience / education, etc.)
      6. DESCRIBE the work you selected to share - include details (title/date/location/materials). This should make specific reference to material, space/place & viewer experience in the work. This should be an additional page in the presentation (it may be bullets). This is the OBSERVATION.
    5. WRITE: Type up a document (minimum 1-2 pages) that includes two parts (make a google doc to share):
      1. EXPLAIN why you selected this particular artwork/artist. This writing should be a critical assessment of the strength of the work, including aesthetic, conceptual, and technical concerns (discuss all three).
      2. INTERPRET the artwork: create an analysis where you strive to apply what you have learned about video installation as an art genre. You may use many resources in the interpretation, online or book.
      3. Be sure to include a bibliography (separate page). Use footnotes for any direct quotes or referenced ideas in the writing.
      4. Share it with me before class on Wednesday.


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