Mon Aug 26 - Intro to BFA Senior Studio, review syllabus, discuss researching a new idea, Project 1 (notebook) assigned, set up progress blog/tumblr for BFA thesis; Project 2 (presentation) assigned

DUE Wed Aug 28: Project 2: Introduce Yourself. Rubric can be read [HERE].

Wed Aug 28 - Project 2: presentation on your artwork and passion (part 1); 1st reading assigned




Wed Sept 6 - Project 2: present on your work and passion cont'd

DUE Mon Sept 9 : Project 1: Brainstorm Notebooks to be turned in. Rubric can be read [HERE]. 1st reading must be read before class. There will be a quiz.

Mon Sept 9 - Turn in Pocket Notebooks; Quiz on Reading #1; Discuss Reading #1; Introduce Project #3. Assign 2nd reading: Postmodernist Approaches and Strategies

DUE Sept 11: Project 3: The Contract must be posted to your progress blog before class begins.

Wed Sept 11 - discuss reading as a group ; meet about contracts individually.

Mon Sept 16 - Independent work time and meetings

DUE Sept 18: Reading #2 must be read before class. There will be a quiz.

Wed Sept 18 - Quiz on Reading #2; Discuss as a class; independent work time

DUE Mon Sept 23: We will have small group critiques starting today. Have enough of your body of work completed to actively participate in a formal critique.

Mon Sept 23 - Small group critique - A

Wed Sept 25 - Small group critiques - B

Mon Sept 30 - Small group critiques - C



Wed Oct 2 - Small group critiques - D

DUE Mon Oct 7: Formal defense of BFA thesis. For assignment details, see [HERE] You will be assigned a formal time slot to come in.

Mon Oct 7 - MIDTERM - Formal defense, (9-11am and 2-5pm)
Schedule HERE

Wed Oct 9 - MIDTERM - Formal defense (2-5pm)
Schedule HERE

Mon Oct 14 - Canon visiting - workshop with gear!! Assign 3rd reading, see schedule below for due dates.

Wed Oct 16 - independent work and meetings

Mon Oct 21 - Independent work and meetings

Wed Oct 23 - Independent work and meetings

Mon Oct 28 - Small group critiques - B

Wed Oct 30 - Small group critiques - D



Mon Nov 4 - Small group critiques - A

Wed Nov 6 - Small group critiques - C

Mon Nov 11 - NO CLASS - Veterans' Day

Wed Nov 13 - independent work and meetings

Mon Nov 18 - Independent work and meetings

Wed Nov 20 - Small group critiques - D

Mon Nov 25 - Small group critiques - B




Mon Dec 2 - Small group critiques - C

Wed Dec 4- Small group critiques - A

Fri Dec 6 - ARTS Xtravaganza 6-10pm

DUE Mon 9: Final presentation on completed work to DA faculty. See rubric [HERE].

Mon Dec 9 - FINAL DEFENSE (9-11am and 2-5pm)
Schedule HERE

Wed Dec 11 - FINAL DEFENSE (2-5pm)
Schedule HERE

DUE TUES Dec 17, 3:30-5:30pm: Completed body of work in final exhibition format, including appropriate accompanying materials (BFA work artist statement). See here for complete list.

FINAL EXAM - TUES Dec 17 from 3:30-5:30pm. Present student work to entire class. Turn in Artist Statement, Final BFA form, and artwork.