THFM 2560 / ARTC 4000 / 5820 - Projection Mapping

Project #3: The Giant Map (ArtsX Wolfe Center Exterior Projection)

Due: Installed at ArtsX, Friday, December 6th, 6-10pm

Assigned: Monday, October 21
This is it! This special topics course was designed around explorations of Projection Mapping / video installation. Large-scale, architectural projection mapping is the most contemporary and technically involved of this type of artwork. The university is investing significantly in the potential success of this class' work, both financially, as well as your professors' time. This class' project is considered one of the gems of the ArtsXtravaganza, which will be attended by thousands of people, as well as VIPs from both BGSU and the community. This is a huge deal for the class, and for each of you individually to have such a high-profile experience, and portfolio builder.

Your Responsibilities:
For this project, you will:

PRELIMINARY WORK: (in-class Monday, October 21; Projection test 6:45-10pm)
We have rented the Christie projectors and media server from October 18-22. Monday night is the last test before we return the equipment - which will not be returned until two nights before the event. Therefore IN CLASS today, you will generate some test content for the Wolfe Center Map, which will be projected Monday evening. Think of this more of a technical exercise where you create content similar to what you might want to do, although we realize that this is not your final project. This is particularly important for those working in 3D, as we need to determine the lighting and shadows for a convincing 3D effect.
In-class Schedule:
- 11:30am-1pm: shoot/generate content
- 1-1:50pm: Rough Edit / render the content
** Turn it into the HW folder when completed. Stop by between 6:45-10pm to view the test footage projected. You may want to document with video so you have reference for the final install.

DEVELOP YOUR CONCEPT: (Due Wednesday, October 30)
Now that you have experimented with Wolfe projection, develop and plan the concept for your video. The projected video should be short (about 30-seconds to 3-minutes). You will need to prepare the following items for concept critique:

#1 Write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. It can be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. This must include separate PARAGRAPHS for:

  1. the overall concept / theme for the piece
  2. what type of footage you will project: Is it animated / live action, shot, created, or found?
  3. is the video / animation narrative or non-narrative? How?
  4. how does the projection relate to the architecture? What part of the building is informing your video? Is it the overall shape, the surface, the functionality, or individual components?
  5. what EQUIPMENT you need and if you can provide it
  6. What type of sound will you use? (dialogue, effects, music?)

#2: You must create a PROFESSIONAL >Shot list or storyboard. You must have a storyboard that shows the plan for the video, using the shape of the building (not a rectangular storyboard).
You can also choose to create it in Photoshop or Maya, or use graph paper. You should have at least two viewpoints (i.e. top and side views).

FOOTAGE DUE: (Due Wednesday, November 6)

You must come to class with the source footage shot, animation elements prepared, bringing whatever you need to begin working on your final sequence. Grade given.

ROUGH EDIT DUE: (Due Monday, November 18)

In-class critique of your rough edited video. Grade given.

FINAL VIDEO DUE: (Due Monday, November 25)

Last critique before install of the final projects. Grade given.

PROJECTION TEST YOUR VIDEO: (Due Wednesday, December 4)

The equipment will arrive on Wednesday, December 4. We will begin installing immediately. Have your final video file copied into the HW folder by end of class. Sunset is at 5:05, so we will begin testing at that time. You need to come by and get final approval that evening, with time to make any technical modifications before the Friday install.

ARTSX INSTALLATION: (Friday, December 6 from 5-10pm)

You must be available Thursday and Friday December 5-6 to test your Giant Map video. During ArtsX, you will need to document your video, perhaps interviewing spectators, or showing the process, etc.

DOCUMENT YOUR ARTWORK: (Due Wednesday, December 18)

One of the problematic things with any installation work is that you have to experience it… or document it well enough for others to understand the piece. Video is ideal since the work is time-based. Shoot documentation video of your artwork and edit it in a way that best describes the experience with the piece. Watch your aperture, color balance. Use a tripod. Vary your shots (LS, MS, CU). Include the original source footage if desired. Video should be short, may include text to contextualize the experience. Edit the documentation video, and upload it to your vimeo page, sharing with our group. Also copy the uncompressed HD version to our HW folder.


Monday, October 21

In-class Workshop: must submit a render by end of class.

7-10pm: Projection Map test (equipment returned Tuesday 10/22)

Monday, Oct 30:

Map proposal and storyboard due

Wednesday, Nov 6:

Map footage / animation elements due (graded checkpoint)

Monday, Nov 11: Veteran’s Day - NO CLASSES

Monday, Nov 18:Map rough edit due (graded checkpoint)
Monday, Nov 25:FINAL MAP VIDEO DUE - CRITIQUE (graded)
Monday, Nov 27:Thanksgiving Break - NO CLASSES
Wednesday, Dec 4: Projection Map Test (video due - 5pm)
Friday, Dec 6:

11am-5pm - Set up / install for ArtsX

6-10pm Arts Xtravaganza event!
Wednesday, Dec 18:

1:15-3:15pm - FINAL EXAM / CRITIQUE (documentation video due)


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