THFM 2560 / ARTC 4000 / 5820 - Projection Mapping
Project #2: Foley and Sound Collage
Assigned: Wednesday, October 2nd
PROJECTS DUE: October 9th & October 23rd

In this project, we will concentrate on aesthetics and techniques of sound production and design with an emphasis on cinematic applications. Students are encouraged to consider how these techniques and concepts can be applied to all time-based media from film / animation, to projection, and installation art.

This project has multiple stages: please read the documents carefully to understand your responsibilities.

Preliminary Reading and Online Materials: Due Monday, Oct. 7th
Please read / watch these before the next class:

  1. Reading: Sound Design and Science Fiction (PDF) From: Whittington, William. Sound Design & Science Fiction. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 2007.
  2. Online Videos:
  3. a. Profile of a Foley Artist:
  4. b. Sound Design: What is it? An approach to designing sound:

PART 1:  Foley Exercise (Partner Project): Due Wednesday, Oct. 9th

Working in pairs, you and your partner will create a soundtrack for a 30 to 45-second segment of a film. For this project, you will record original sounds, spot and create original foley effects, mix your own sound effects, and add ambience and music where appropriate. Though you may replace dialogue, you are discouraged from using dialogue-heavy scenes.

Feel free to play with the scene. The objective is not to perfectly re-create the existing soundtrack, but to create your own original soundtrack. You are the sound designers and have complete authorial control over the sonic aspect of the scene. As you create this soundtrack, consider how sound can reinforce, or undermine, the visual image.

We can provide several scenes for your potential use, which you may copy from the class HW folder. In addition, you may also propose an entirely different scene for this project, but you are responsible for obtaining a good copy of that material. The scenes we are providing are from the following films: 2001, Star Wars, THX 1138, Blade Runner, Terminator 2, and The Matrix.

Parameters: Please record at least 5 original sounds (that you recorded) for the piece. Other sounds can be acquired.

Evaluation: Foley projects will be evaluated on sound quality, originality in approach, and synchronization.


PART 2: Sound Collage (Individual Project): Due Wednesday, Oct. 23rd

For this project, you will work primarily with sound, crafting an original sound-based creative piece. You may approach this assignment from many angles - as a soundtrack, a narrative, a sound documentary, an entirely abstract sound field, or as audio intended for a specific space. As you work, consider how you can “paint a picture” with audio. Consider how the use of basic audio properties: time, speed, location (close or far), and volume can drastically change the nature of sound. For this assignment, prepare a companion concept statement that describes the genre of the piece (ie narrative soundtrack, audio documentary, abstract sound piece) and your creative and/or technical goals (see below for more details).

Concept Statement: (1-2 pages) (due with the final piece on October 23)
Write a 1-2 double-spaced page concept statement that includes:

Parameters and Technical Details

Grading and Evaluation Sound Collages will be graded on:

*Grading note: The whole is sometime greater, or sometimes less, than the sum of its parts.


Sound Design Blogs and Articles

Film Sound:

Designing Sound:

Game Sound Design:

Soundworks Collection:


SounDesign Blog!:

Sound Design: What's That?:

Creative Approaches

The Sound Design of Apocalypse Now:

Musique Concrete by Pierre Schaeffer:

War of the Worlds radio boradcast:

This American Life radio show:

L'Orange Old Soul:

Jon Oswald: Plunderphonics:

Technical Resources

The Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound (Available via BGSU Library Summon)   

Location Sound and beyond:


Greg Smith Sound Effects Library:


Equipment Policies:

Film Cage (119 Wolfe): Marantz PMB 661 audio recorders, lavalier and shotgun mics can be checked out M-Th 9am-8pm, F 9am-4pm. Equipment can be checked out for 24 hours. Reservations must be made one day in advance and forms signed by Thomas Castillo. So, you cannot wait until the last minute - PLAN AHEAD! Friday checkouts must be returned on Monday.

MCaP (1024 Fine Arts): Zoom H4n audio recorders can be checked out M-Th 8:20am-7pm, Fri 8:30-11am. You may also reserve and use (In the MCaP only - room 1024 Fine Arts Center) the new Sound Ideas “General HD Combo Sound Effects Collection Hard Drive” This contains nearly 33,000 searchable, royalty free sound effects.


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