ARTC 4000/5820 & THFM 4900 (Fall 2013) Projection Mapping

Video Projection Mapping is a projection technique that is used to turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Students will explore both small-scale gallery installation and architectural projection. Students should come into the course with existing live-action video, film, and/or 3D animation skills which will then be built upon by learning new projection and installation skills, compositing skills in After Effects, and sound recording and editing skills in Soundtrack Pro.

This is a collaborative, interdepartmental course. Digital Arts and Film Productionstudents will have the opportunity to work together. The course will culminate in a gallery exhibition and public event at Arts Xtravaganza (Friday, 12/6). The ideal student is one who is interested in exploring both virtual & real three-dimensional (sculptural) space to create experimental, time-based artwork.


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ARTC 4000 is taught by Professors Thomas Castillo, Theater & Film Department,
& Heather Elliott-Famularo, Digital Arts Department, Bowling Green State University.