Media Synthesis: Time, Space, Image

Assignment #1: Introductions

YOU HAVE ONLY TODAY'S CLASS PERIOD to plan & shoot this piece, and 48 hours to finish it (edit & render)
Final Video is due for the next class. ( we will have some time to edit on Wednesday).


Assignment Objectives:
Step 1: Concept Development / Research: With your partner: Take 15-20 minutes to interview each other: Take notes. Step 2: Screenplay / Storyboard: Look over your notes, and decide what part of the interview would make the most compelling 1-2 minute that is interesting, informative, and memorable that (however loosely) introduces your partner. Only take about 10-15 minutes to figure this out. Sketch out a storyboard or shot list to help you plan.

Step 3: Camera: Use the remainder of class (90 minutes) to shoot your videos. Take a turn as:

The requirements are: Step 4: Digitize: When done shooting, bring your cameras back to the lab to digitize. Don't be afraid to ask if you forget how to digitize properly, particularly setting up your scratch disk. We are here to help you!

Step 5: Edit: Make a 1 to 2-minute video for your partner that introduces him/her to the class. You can use titles, effects, or just keep it simple – whatever you choose, but again, show us your skills!

Step 5: Render: Render your video out and upload it to the class Vimeo page by Wednesday. We will watch these in class. (Lab will be open before class on Wednesday.


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