Media Synthesis: Time, Space, Image

Project #3: Expanding Video: Installation / Performance

Due: WEDNESDAY, October 31, installed

Working in teams of two or three, you are to collaborate on a video work that leaves the 2D realm and extends into the viewer's PHYSICAL space. This might be done using monitors in a sculptural installation, projection of video or stills onto sculptural surfaces, enveloping the viewer in a confrontational projection space, video used in a performance or event "happening", etc.

Another important aspect of this project is to select a space that will house the work and focus on site-specificity: the installation or performance should relate specifically to this chosen space. A gallery-like neutral space may be the ideal, but consider a night performance outdoors or re-injecting meaning into a space otherwise used for another purpose.

Each student must submit an idea for an artwork. We will present the ideas in class (hanging all of the proposals), and then we will determine as a class which are the most powerful and successful proposals. We will then create teams based on those final choices. Collaborations can be made from someone who has similar aesthetic or conceptual ideas to your own or likewise a very different perspective that could complement your work. Sometimes the best collaborations result from people with very different art styles!

Walk around the Wolfe Center, the School of Art, and/or Bowling Green to find the ideal space for your piece. If it is a classroom you will need to schedule the room. If it is privately owned space, you will need to gain permission from the owner. You will be responsible for all equipment that you check out for the piece. You must professionally document the piece using video. If it is a performance that you will be part of, you will need to ask someone to help record the work. This documentation will then be edited and submitted for a grade.

Professional Proposal & Schematic Drawing: (due Monday, October 8)
Part A: EACH STUDENT must write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. It can be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. This must include separate PARAGRAPHS for:

  1. your concept clearly stated
  2. what type of footage you intend to use including details about the sound, editing, timing, and text if used
  3. where you will install / perform the piece and why you chose that space
  4. If it is a one-time performance or happening, WHEN you intend to have it
  5. what EQUIPMENT you need and if you can provide it
  6. your intention for the piece (what you want the audience to think about with the piece & how they will interact or experience the piece)
  7. what role each collaborator will have in the piece (who does what)
Part B: You must create a PROFESSIONAL schematic drawing (floorplan) that represents the space and all of the equipment you will be using. Include electrical sources and clearly label all elements. Draw it to scale. You can also choose to create it in Photoshop or Maya, or use graph paper. You should have at least two viewpoints (i.e. top and side views).

Monday, October 8 Proposal and Schematic DUE! (one per each student)
Monday, October 15: Location Documentation or Footage (Video or Still Images)
Wednesday, October 31: Projects Installed OR Basic Documentations due for Class Critique (unless other arrangements made previously)
Monday, November 5: Edited Video Documentation of Installation due.

NOTE: Consider how these works can be re-installed or, at the very least, documented for screening for Arts Xtravaganza in the Wankleman Gallery. The dates are as follows:
Wednesday, November 28: 11am-4pm Installation set-up
Thursday, November 29: 11am-4pm Gallery Open to Public
Friday, November 30: 11am-4pm, 6-9pm Gallery Open to Public (for Arts Xtravaganza!)
Sunday, December 1: 1-4pm Exhibition tear down

Available Equipment in Media Cage:
(13) old 13" color monitors
(9) slide projectors
(5) LCD projectors
(4)19"-27" monitors with VCRs
(8) Hi-8 Camcorders
(4) flat panel monitors
(10) video projectors
(2) hand-held projectors
(1) 6x10' rear projection screen
(12) VHS VCRs
(5) Mini-DV camcorders
(3) VHS/DVD players

Available Equipment through THFM Equipment Lab:
(2) large 24-27" televisions
(1) old video projector
(2) MiniDV Canon XL-1 Camcorders
(1) Panasonic DVX100 (No recording, Live Feed Only)
(3) VHS camcorders
(1) Portable Green Screen (can use the frame for other fabric)
Assorted VCRs, Film Projectors, Accessories (Please arrange with Castillo or Ostrowski)

** we may be able to find / reserve other equipment once we have the proposals.


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