Media Synthesis: Time, Space, Image

Project #2: Projection Mapping

Due: Sunday, September 25th installed for workshop.

Objective: For the next project, we will be introducing Video Installation Art, adding Space to Time and Image. There will be a lot of experimenting and play in the first two weeks of the project, which will revolve primarily around visiting artist, Diana Reichenbach's workshop and lecture. (see You will be exposed to many contemporary artists and approaches to incorporating the moving image into physical space.

Ms. Reichenbach will host a two-day workshop that will culminate in a public exhibition of the final pieces on the evening of Sunday, September 23rd. During the workshop, we will work in small teams in so that we may complete the projects within the tight period. These will be short videos & animations that will be projected into public, architectural or small-scale locations. PARTICIPATION IN THIS WORKSHOP IS REQUIRED FOR THE CLASS (see hours below). If for some reason you cannot attend due to unavoidable work conflict, etc., you will complete an alternative assignment*. However, we want to encourage you to find a way to complete the workshop – request a day off from work, find a colleague to cover for you, whatever is possible. We promise that this will be an amazing experience for all of you! Right off the bat, you will have an exhibition line on your resume! In addition to installing the work, each group will be responsible for documenting (with video) their own installation and creating a video that preserves the event.

We would also like to create a short documentary film that records the event itself – the process, what collaboration means in the workshop, the experiments that occur, and the final show. This might include short interviews with the students, filming the workshop itself, and documenting the exhibition. We are asking for a few volunteers to create this video in lieu of working on an installation team. We will be working with the local media to promote the event and ArtsXtravaganza. Again, another good line on your resume. If you are interested in creating the documentary, please let us know.

Responsibilities and Deadlines:
-This is a collaborative project. You will work in small teams of 2-3 students. You should be prepared to share responsibilities and communicate with one another. All team members are required to participate and attend the workshop. The deadline for forming a team is Wednesday, September 19.
-The team should be represented at all times during the workshop. This is our gift to you, so figure it out amongst your group and do not waste it. Team members who are present should prepare to take notes and guide their other team members through the process.
-The team should immediately scout for a suitable projection space and consider content that can be produced in a short amount of time. The basic idea should be in place by the evening of the first workshop day on Saturday, Sept. 22 and the content (video, animation, or some combination thereof) should be produced and output by the second workshop day on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 12pm. The earlier you develop and produce an idea, the less time you will need to spend at the workshop on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.
-The team is responsible for installing and projecting the piece and a team member should be present for the public exhibition.
-The group is responsible for documenting their installed workshop piece and/or workshop experience and presenting a short documentation video in class on Wednesday, Sept. 26.

Alternate Assignment: If you cannot attend the workshop, you may instead prepare a 10-minute powerpoint or prezi presentation AND 4-page research paper on a contemporary video installation artist. The presentation must include a minimum of 10 images and/or videos documenting the work as well as an annotated bibliography. You will do your presentation for the class on Wednesday, September 26th.

Diana Riechenbach's work:
Projection Mapping Short Documentary
Video Mapping Blog
Sneaker Mapping Example
Large-scale urban projections
Random small objects mapping:

Monday, September 17: PROJECTION WORKSHOP - meet in room 120 Wolfe; REQUIREMENTS: Bring in a minimum of SIX different "things" you want to experiment with as a projection surface. This could be fabrics, objects, different textures, etc.
Wednesday, September 19: Reading #2, Chapter 3: Video Installation Art from textbook (Michael Rush, New Media in Art) pgs 124-179. QUIZ WILL BE GRADED! Final versions of Project #1 due in HW folder AND Vimeo page
Public Exhibition 8-9:30pm
Monday, September 24: 6pm :: ARTalk: "Immersive Space as a Channel for Communication" (room 204 Fine Arts Center) – ATTENDANCE MANDATORY


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