Media Synthesis: Time, Space, Image

Project #1: The "Art" of Time

Due: Wednesday, September 12th - .mov exported to HW folder by start of class.

Objective: Create a short experimental video (2-4 minutes) that explores notions of TIME that go beyond traditional narrative or "story time." Carefully consider sound in this piece as well.

Rationale: Through the power of editing and digital technologies, artists have both sped up and vastly slowed down time. Throughout the history of film & video, artists have been interested in "time" as a theme to explore in their artworks. In the early days of video, it was "real time" that interested artists: video, unprocessed and unedited, could capture time as it was being experienced, right HERE, right NOW. Today's artists are interested in manipulating time, often breaking the barriers between past, present and future. You may choose to explore the concept of time from a variety of perspectives. Time can be investigated on a personal level, from a philosophical standpoint, from lived experience or via abstract ideas.

Planning: Here are some questions to ask yourself during the planning stage to start you thinking about time (and space) and how you could manipulate and represent them in your artwork:
1. What is time?
2. How is time constructed?
3. How can/do we break down time?
4. How can/do we rebuild time?
5. How can space and time be RE-conceived?
6. Is time linear? Is time non-linear?
7. How do/could we describe time?
8. What is the "nature" of time?
9. Does time have a "nature" or an assumed fixed set of characteristics?
10. Is time perpetually relative?
11. Why do we want to record, capture or document time?
12. How can/do we represent time and space visually and aurally?

Suggested Starting Points: Really get to know the features on your camcorder. Some are capable of doing time-lapse (interval recording/timing), for example. Look around and observe how time is represented - what could be a good subject matter to film? Think about films you know where the concept of time has been abstracted - what ideas does this spur? Consider compositing different times of day together, moving a prop or subject through a space over time, etc.

PROPOSAL: TYPE UP (and email to Thomas and I) a brief synopsis AND concept statement about the piece. It should be thorough. The concept statement should describe the "what" - what the piece is about (thinking back to the questions on the description sheet) as well as logistics - where, when, who, etc. (location, subject, aesthetics).
Wednesday, August 29: Synopsis / Concept Proposal due - critique
Monday, September 3: NO CLASS - LABOR DAY
Wednesday, September 5: Footage Due In Class; (progress grade given)
Wednesday, September 12: Final Videos Due: View and Critique

ARTISTS TO LOOK AT FOR INSPIRATION: Peter Campus, Dara Birnbaum, Bill Viola, Christian Marclay, Peter Campus, Bruce Connor, Michael Snow

Here are some links to interesting works:

Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman - Dara Birnbaum (5:23)

Three Transitions - Peter Campus (4:57)

Ancient of Days - Bill Viola (10:28)

The Reflecting Pool - BIll Viola (6:55)

The Clock - Christian Marclay (24:00:00) (BBC story) (12:04-12:07 pm to watch) (NY Times Review)

Interview with Peter Campus on Surveillance Installation: (9:14)


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