Film Festivals 2011 ~You can Identify region, categories, country, states and find festivals that are going on or when there deadlines are for a whole year.

Angelus Student Film Festival

A film festival located in California offering a $10,000 prize.

Deadline: June 1

Fee: $35

Divisions: Comedy, Drama, Narrative, Documentary, Animation

Preferred Formats: Beta SP, 35mm, or DigiBeta


Arizona Student Film Festival

A festival only open to student from grade 3-college

Deadline: April 28

Fee: None

Divisions: PSA, Microshort, Short Film, Screenwriting

Formats: Any


Atlanta Underground Film Festival

Deadline: June 23 2011

Entrance Fee: $50 for features, $45 for shorts

Categories: narrative, nonfiction, experimental, documentary, animation

Submissions: NTSC Blu-Ray or mini DV


Chicago International REEL Shorts Film Fest

The Chicago international REEL Shorts Festival seeks to provide opportunity for filmmakers around the world by showcasing their work to REEL PEOPLE in the Chicagoland area. We seek to provide a 'REEL person' atmosphere with low entry fees and low cost ticket prices. We are the REEL filmmakers' choice for showcasing REEL talent to REEL people.

Deadline: Mar 14/Jun 14/Aug 12/Aug 23

Fees: $25/30/40/50

Limits: Completed after Jan 2006, Under 39min

Format: DVD (NTSC), and Digital Press kit or link to webpage with downloadable promotion pictures

47th Chicago International Film Festival, Oct. 6-20, 2011

Application Deadline: June 24, 2011 (Late: July 11, 2011)
Entry Fees:
a.      Feature Film – $100.00
b.      Feature Length Documentary – $80.00
c.      Short Subject – under 60 minutes – $50.00
d.      Student: Feature Length – $50.00
e.      Student: Short Film – $30.00
Categories: Feature Film, Feature Length Documentary, Short Subject (Under 60 min) – Placed in various Competitions and Programs at a committee’s discretion
Limitations: Films that have aired in Chicago, or on TV, or available on DVD are not eligible; Must be made after July 1st, 2010; No previous submissions, English/English Subtitles; Screening Formats include 35mm, HDCAM, DigiBeta, DCP, and Blu-Ray.
Theme: Open Our Eyes, Discover something New.
DVD format for application

Columbus International Film + Video Festival

July 1, 2011 deadline

$35 entry fee for student short.  Prices vary, early bird discount before May 1st

Categories: animation, arts, broadcast journalism, comprehensive marketing strategy, educational, experimental short, humanities, mental/physical health, narrative, promotional/industrial, religion/spirituality, science/technology, social issues, and student.

Founded in 1950 by a group of progressive educators, the Film Council, through the Columbus International Film and Video Festival (a 6 day event in downtown Columbus), continues their legacy, honoring and screening the work of makers whose creations of vision, beauty and power help us understand the complexities of our world by using their committed artistry to touch our minds and hearts.

Format: entries should be submitted on DVD.


Coney Island Film Festival,  September 23-25, 2011
Application Deadline: April 29, June 24(late), July 8(late extended)
Entry Fees: 30 Reg, 35 Late, 45 Extended
Categories: Feature, Short, Documentary Feature OR Short; Experimental, Silent Film, Horror, Animation, Music Video
Format: DVD Format


Heartland Film Festival

The Heartland Film Festival started in 1992 as a small event in Indianapolis and has expanded over time to become one of the fastest growing film festivals in the country. Today, the annual film festival is a ten-day event full of independent films, a variety of special events for film enthusiasts of all ages, and a one-of-a-kind experience in one of the Midwest’s most inviting cities.

Deadline: May 1

Categories/Limits: Dramatic, Documentary, Animation; Shorts under 50min/Feature over 50min, Completed after June 1, 2010

Format: HDcam, Blu-Ray, Quicktime HD 8bit uncompressed on Flashdrive, HD or digital media


Indie Fest USA & Expo
Deadline:         Contact Festival for Details
Categories:      Feature shorts; comedy; documentary; animation; music; art
Limitations/Requirements:       Must have been produced 2 years prior to current festival year
Fees: $25

Indie Fest

Deadline April 29th, 2011
$50 per Category
There are ALOT of categories
A Festival celebrating film in all it's different forms.
Submit on DVD in NTSC or PAL format

The Indie Gathering

The Alternative for Underground, Independent and Experimental Film and Video. The "Indie" Gathering Film Festival exists to showcase the independent filmmaker. Our mission is to encourage film makers though a competitive showcase independent features, documentaries, shorts, music videos and trailers. Filmmakers participate in their screenings and after the films speak with audience members who seek a closer look into the creative process.

Deadline: May 1

Fees: $40

Categories: MicroFilms, Short, Feature, Documentary, Trailer, TV Pilot, Music Video, Short Script and Feature Script.

Format: DVD

Los Angeles Film Festival
June 16-26, 2011
The only information they have about cost refers to the 2010 festival. The new 2011 fest information has yet to be posted to the site because it’s in June.

Maui Film Festival 2011,  Event Dates: June 15th – 19th
Application Deadline: NO LATER than April 25th (Late)
Entry Fees: 100 for films 41+ minutes, 65 for less than 40 (All Late)
Categories:  N/A   Limitations: English/Eng Subtitles; Made after July 1st 2010
Formats for Show: HDCam, BluRay, digiBeta, Beta SP; Application: DVD Format

New Media Film Festival,  Los Angeles, California
deadline: April 15th, 2011
entry fee: 20-45 (USD)
Genres: Animation Commercial Documentary Educational Experimental Features Gay and Lesbian General Music Shorts
Runtime: < 5 min 5-20 min 20-40 min > 40 min

New Media Film Festival is an International showcase of content created in all formats/media. Honoring stories worth telling that exemplify the power of media & arts to transform. New Media Film Festival honors stories in all the media that are innovative, imaginative, and inspirational. Stories that can make you laugh, cry, think and go beyond the ordinary. As of 2010 the festival has created a satellite festival in the San Francisco Bay area that will exhibited during November of each year. In Los Angeles, an Opening Night Gala will welcome the filmmakers, artists, producers, above and below the line crews, thought makers, implementers, distributors and press that bring stories worth telling to life. In addition to multiple categories programming of entered submissions throughout the weekend, an International Globally Conscious Art Exhibit will be displayed at the New State of the Art Theatre where the festival is held. The Saturday and Sunday panel discussions will have top experts in their field from financiers, distributors, Internet programming, 3D, RED and a studio executive moderated by an Award Winning Filmmaker. Distributors have already requested to view media submitted, and online distribution outlets have offered to interview and showcase content that is relevant to their sites genre.

Animation: 30 - 120 min. limit
Webisode: 20 min. limit
Web Series: 3 or more webisodes of 20 min or less
Shorts (3D,RED or Media): 30 min. limit
Features (3D, RED, or Media): over 30 min.
Narrative or Documentary Feature: over 30 min.
Socially Responsible Content: unrestricted
Music Video: unrestricted
LGBT: Lesbian, gay, bis*xual, and transgender material: 15 min. or less
New Media San Francisco Bay Screening: unrestricted
APPS: applications for mobile devices
Mobile: shot from camera phone, under 5 min.


Ojai Film Festival

Deadline May 1 2011 / June 1 2011 (late work)

Entrance Fee $55 for features, $50 for shorts, $30 for student films

Categories: not categorized

Submissions as Betacam SP, HDCAM, DVCAM, mini DV, HDV, Blu-Ray


Raindance Film Festival

June 17, 2011 deadline.


Categories: fictional, documentary and experimental features, short films, and children’s films.

The 19th Raindance Film Festival will take place in London from 28 September to 9 October 2011. The festival aims to reflect the cultural,visual and narrative diversity of the international independent filmmaking community and specialises in films by first-time directors. Raindance accepts fictional, documentary and experimental features, short films, and children’s films.

Format: entries submitted on DVD


Sundance Film Festival
January 20 – 30, 2011
Categories are numerous; U.S Documentary Competition, US Dramatic Competition, World Cinema Documentary, World Dramatic Competition, Short Programs, Animation Spotlight, ect.
The Theme seems to be focused on “Going Green” and focused on the environment.

Texas Film Awards - Deadline May 1st, 2011
$40 Fee
Film (Any Kind)/ Script
A Texas Film festival, with many different types of films.
DVD or VHS only, screenplays preferred in hard-copy. Films in non-English languages must have English dubbing or subtitles. Scripts must be written in English.

Urban Suburban Film Festival
location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Deadline: Jun 5th, 2011
entry fee (USD): 20-50
Genres: Documentary Features General Shorts Young Filmmakers
Runtime: < 5 min 5-20 min 20-40 min > 40 min

The Urban Suburban Film Festival (USFF) was created to bring together artists who have a passion for film making, and seek to find an opportunity to showcase, and distribute their film. The USFF will also provide an opportunity for the businesses associated with the organization, to collaborate with talented individuals, and increase their involvement in the community. The USFF will host a festival showcase that will involve film screenings, workshops, and panel discussions. The three day event will highlight screenings from narratives, documentaries, animation, and short films. Each artist will be recognized for their work, and give a brief synopsis of why their film was made. The workshops are intended to bring together the emerging artist and industry professional, with instructions, direction, and quick tips to enhance their craft. This event will also provide an atmosphere for individuals to network, and collaborate with each other on future projects. Aspiring entrepreneurs, industry professionals, community businesses & organizations, local dignitaries, and emerging film makers will be in attendance for this upcoming gala.

Festival accepts submissions of all genres.


Woodstock Film Festival

June 14, 2011 deadline

$25 entry fee for a student film

Categories: narrative, documentary, short, short documentary, animated short, music video, high school/youth film.

Film festival held in New York.

Format:  WAB or DVD