ARTC 3440 Digital Video Art                                                         Take Home Quiz

Chapter 7 Sound in the Cinema from Film Art                  DUE Monday, November 8



42 points total (grade out of 40)


1) What are the three types / categories sound can take in the cinema? (3 points)



2) Name the 3 ways that sound synchronization relates to film and describe them. (6 points)







3) What is a SOUND BRIDGE? (2 points)




4) What is a “Sound Motif” ?  (2 points)




5) Define and give examples of the following sound terms:  (2 points EACH)


• Loudness




























Synchronous Sound




Asynchronous sound




 Simple diegetic sound




  Nondiegetic Sound




  Internal diegetic sound




  External diegetic sound




  Simultaneous sound



 Non-simultaneous sound







6) How has this reading made you rethink your approach to sound in your video making process?