ARTC 3440, Fall 2010
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Deadlines listed below

I have been very impressed with the quality of the work you have created this semester, however, due to missing deadlines, etc., many of your grades to not reflect this quality. As a result, I would like to offer you a few Extra Credit options to improve your overall grade.

1) Submit videos to Arts Extravaganza & Cinema U: (Friday, December 4, 10am) (3 points EACH)
Submit any/all of the 3 projects you created in ARTC 3440 to be screened with UFO in room 204 at Arts Xtravaganza and submitted to the Cinema U competition.

2) Enter a video created this semester in a Festival: Due Friday, 12/17, 10am (5+ points)
Find a Film Festival and enter one of your videos from this class in it. YOU CAN ENTER THE BGSU UNDERGRADUATE OR BFA SHOW ALSO!

  1. Print the prospectus and entry form
  2. Prepare your entry. Include:
    - Copy of prospectus
    - Actual video you will send (label tape correctly)
    - Payment (check or money order), if applicable
    - SASE (If you want your materials back) and
    - Whatever else the prospectus requires.
    - Consider including a cover letter
  3. Place all the contents in an Unsealed but otherwise ready to mail envelope
  4. Address and put the proper postage on the envelope
  5. Hand in the completed packet by 10am on Friday, 17 December.
You may enter more than one festival for more bonus points!

3) Make an Interactive DVD of your Compilation Reel: Due Friday, 12/17, 10am (3+ points)
Create a DVD with a menu in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro. You should have a "Play All" button, and a menu with choices (put the project titles). It MUST have your name and Video Art somewhere on the menu. (If you make Chapter Markers in FCP, it will automatically make the mapping of the buttons in iDVD). See the instructions I handed out with the Arts X info.

4) Final Master Reel - improvements to ARTC3440 projetcts: Due Wednesday, 12/15, 5pm (3+ points each)
If you have made any updates or improvements to project videos since returned with grades, you must indicate on your Final Video Checksheet Form. This will also give bonus points.

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