Reading Assignments - Digital Video Art


Reading #1: assigned 8/24, due 8/26
Chapter 8 from The Art of Technique: An Aesthetic Approach to Film & Video Production by Douglass and Harnden

PLUS: Other Shot and Camera Movement examples


Reading #2: assigned 8/26, due 9/2
Part 1.1 Origins of Video Art from A History of Video Art: the Development of Form and Function by Chris Meigh-Andrews (pp 1-18)


Reading #3: assigned 9/9, due 9/14
pp. 3-23 in NONLINEAR 4: a guide to digital film and video editing by Michael Rubin


Reading #4: assigned 9/14, due 9/16
Chapter 7: The Relation of Shot to Shot: Editing from Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson


Reading #5: assigned 10/5, due 10/14 (in 2 parts)

PART 1: Chapter 1: Image and Reality (p.12-16) from Film, Form, & Culture by Robert Kolker (handout)


PART 2: Please PRINT OUT and read these SHORT articles from the internet.

1) LEGALITIES: Harvard Law School - Image Rights Read the sections on Appropriation Art and Parody
2) Ideas on Fair Use by Negativland
3) RECENT EXAMPLE OF VID-ART: When One Man's Video Art Is Another's Copyright Crime By ROBERTA SMITH
4) LETTER TO PROTECT APPROPRIATION: Canadian Coalition of Artists Unite
5) APPROPRIATING 9/11?: Scooping Oliver Stone: artist's appropriation trumps would-be blockbuster and Check out other info on this Blog devoted to Spin as Art
6) Censorship in the Name of Terrorism: Fear and Art by Stephanie McMIllan


Reading #6: assigned 10/26, due 11/2
1) Chapter 3: Video Installation Art from New Media in Late 20th-Century Art (World of Art) by Michael Rush

2) The Fantasy Beyond Control by Lynn Hershman


Reading #7: assigned 11/2, due 11/9
Chapter 9: Sound in the Cinema from Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson


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