Must be scheduled to Graduate BFA in Digital Arts December 2009 or May / August 2010

Course Description

Five studio hours.

This purpose of this course is to provide the graduating digital arts senior time and feedback to create a final body of work for the BFA show. The student will be required to complete this portfolio (or reel) by the final critique day. The student will also enter this work to the BFA exhibition jury by this date.

Course Format and Expectations


Students will create a body of work (or reel) for the BFA exhibition. As part of the class, students will complete all necessary forms for the BFA exhibition and be aware of and meet the exhibition deadlines.

By the final critique, students will have completed the following:

* Review form signed by advisor due at final critique.
* Final work (reel, interactive program, images or a combination) due at final critique.
* Artist Statement due at final critique.

Additionally, students will be responsible for the following prior to the final critique:

* Student work contract.
* BFA Proposal Form Due in mid-November.
* BFA Meeting in Mid-November.
* Check-in and class presentations throughout the semester.
* Working independently while the professor is meeting with other students.
* Actively participating during all class discussions & critiques.

In order to pass the class, all requirments must be met.

Students will be assessed grades (see below) for all of these requirements.

The class will mostly be work and critique time and will be tied closely to the student's individual set contract with dates and goals. The instructor will also show and discuss examples of digital art on an individual basis as it corresponds to a student's work. This will serve as inspiration and help students situate their art within the broader digital arts genre. The class will cycle between individual check-ins and in-progress student presentations to the class. Students will be assigned to a group and given a calendar of check-in and presentation dates.

NOTE ON THE BFA SHOW: Deadlines for show materials will be forthcoming.

Required Readings: There will be reading assignments throughout the semester as appropriate for each individual student.

Materials and Class Fee

The fee for this class is used to purchase hardware and software that is not maintained by ITS. This includes items such as extra ram, cameras, printers and scanners and software that does not fall under the standard list. Additionally, we contribute money towards the standard software. The fees also contribute to the maintenance of the labs and paid workers to run the print lab. We also purchase instructional manuals and DVDs such as the SIGGRAPH content and the Stash DVDs. These materials, hardware and software are available to this class.

In addition to the class fees, you are expected to purchase:
* Some sort of secondary storage device such as a Flash Drive and/or an external drive.
* Sketchbook for your ideas and designs.
* Materials needed for your project such as prints, framing supplies or materials for installations.

Students purchasing materials and supplies from studios need to do so with their BG1 cards. We no longer accept Cash, Checks, Credit cards or Debit cards.


Pass or Fail Items
The following items have to be completed to pass the class. If any of these items are not completed, you do not pass the class:

* Student work contract.
* BFA Proposal form Due in mid-November.
* Attend the BFA Exhibition Meeting in Mid-November.
* Review form signed by advisor due at final critique.
* Artist Statement due at final critique.
* Work independently while the professor is meeting with other students.
* Final work complete and ready for submission to the BFA exhibition by the final critique.
* Attendance minimum (see Attendance Policy below).

Graded Items
The following items will receive a letter grade:

* Miscellaneous assignments throughout the semester
* Each check-in throughout the semester
* Presentations of your work to the class throughout the semester.
* Participation: Giving input during all class discussions.
* Midterm presentation of your work.
* Final presentation of your work.

Grading Criteria:
Check-in, Midterm and Presentations: The success of your work at a given time (formal, technical, and content) and the progress you have made since the last check-in.

Class Participation: Your abiltity to comment on the work of your peers during critques.

Final Project: The success of your work (formal, technical, and content).

Work lost because of computer/software crashes or failure to back up files, will be counted as a zero. Learn to save frequently, and back-up and maintain multiple copies of work constantly distributed across different storage media. These are important habits to develop for your career. No excuses for lost work.

It is responsibility of the student to read and understand the assignment sheets. Ask questions directly or via email if you do not understand an assignment, as soon as possible.

Grading Standards

Letter Grades
A+ Excellent and ready for museum display at the Whitney!
A Excellent and ready for display in a museum
A- Excellent
B+ Very Good but not quite Excellent
B Very Good
B- Good
C+ High Average
C Average
C- Low Average
D+ Just Below Average (passing)
D Below Average (passing)
D+ Barely passing
F Failure

Final grades are reported to the university without the "+" or "-", but contribute to your overall average for this class. For example, if you get an "A-" all semester and a "B+" on your final, your average will fall below an "A," however if you had a solid "A" average, it would not.

To determine your final grade, each project and assignment will be averaged, along with participation, with the following weights:

Average of all individual check-ins, presentations and misc. assignments
Final (X2)

Additionally, I will consider the pass/fail items listed above to determine if you passed the class or not.

Attendance Policy

Absences and Lates
3 absences permitted, no matter the reason

3 lates = 1 absence

Class starts at 2:30pm.
Arrival after this time is considered late.

Leaving class early without communication with instructor = absence

Attendance at critiques is mandatory - failure to attend will result in an absence and lowering of your project grade by one letter.

Absence beyond three
1 (4th absence) = final grade lowered by one half letter grade
2 (5th absence) = final grade lowered by one letter grade
3 (6th Absence) = final grade lowered by two letter grades
4 (7th Absence) = final grade lowered by three letter grades, consider dropping
5 (8th Absence) = fail course


Breaks will be announced by the instructor. Being excessively late after a break will result in an absence.

Academic Honesty

Please refer BGSU school policy regarding plagiarism and academic honesty.

School Library

The Jerome Library will be a resource for this class. The instructor will direct you to specific resources located at the library as it applies to your independent work.

You may also use the School of Art ARC (Art Resource Center), room 1022

Rules for Class

Food and drinks are not permitted in the classroom

Downloading software or installing software on the computers is not allowed.

Headphones must be used when listening to audio on the computers. Adjust the volume so that the sound is not bleeding and disrupting fellow students.

Cell phone and beepers should be turned off during class time.

Do not answer cell phone calls or send and receive text messages in class. If you have an urgent situation that may result in needing to take a call (message from a childcare provider, a mother in the hospital, for example) tell me about it before hand.

No instant messaging during class time.

During studio time, if you are not working on a class project, find work related to the course subject or ask the instructor for guidance.

Keep digital files for class organized on the local space and backed up to storage media. Always have at least two copies of your work at the end of class on separate media to prevent the loss of data if one device fails.

Additional Course Policies

For more information about additional policies such as course fees, course drops and refunds, and a refund schedule, please see your student catalog.

Accommodating Disabilities

Any student who wishes to discuss accommodations on the basis of a disability - please discuss with me after class or during office hours.

The goal of the Disability Services for Students Office is to help provide equal access and reasonable accommodations to BGSU students with disabilities.

Students wishing to discuss their eligibility for such accommodations are encouraged to contract their office at 419.372.8459 (413 South Hall).

Please note

This Syllabus is subject to change during the course and the instructor will notify students of changes.