ARTC 4180 - Section 1
Group Assignments & Project Types
Kelly Bresnan A Imaging (4): inner child revealed in workplace; vector drawings
Cara Cioffari B Imaging (10): Book: Egyptian Gods / Brit Colonization-Pesedjet character studies
Christopher Koelsch C Video/Imaging: explore outside homes to address class issues
Eric Kubli A Imaging (5): Portraits that capture the environment
Jesse Malcmacher B 3D Modeling: Book: child glues leaves on tree
Jeffery Oberlander C Imaging: human parts create furniture
Jillian Patton A 3D Modeling: create series of 3D monsters
Matthew Purje B Imaging: panoramic photos that explore ugly/old and show beauty
Daniel Rings C 3D Animation: Character shows physical comedy
Joshua Treiber A 3D Animation: Robot repeats actions to build & destroy city
Adam Wolf B 3D Modeling: build 2 characters Prosthetic patient & doctor
DC Caraballo C Gaming: Create interactive visual drama using GameMaker
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