This work explores aviation holding pattern as a metaphor for psychological holdings patterns. When a plane arrives at its destination but cannot land they are made to fly in a predefined racetrack pattern while they wait. This waiting to land or suspension between major actions can easily be applied to mental states as well. When a decision is being made or when we are in between major life events we are in an incubation period. This space in between is what I am trying to visually represent in this series.


Just as the plane is forced to repeat its pattern over and over again, the human mind also gets stuck in repeat loops from time to time. This is particularly evident when tension or indecision is involved. This repetitive thought pattern extends the waiting period rather than leading to the resolution. Only by breaking out of the holding pattern can we finally reach our destination.


While we are suspended, we may glimpse the ground below but know we cannot quite reach it. The conclusion of events has yet to unfold as we hover above its vague image. As we are coming to terms with a previous event or waiting for the next one to occur we are feeling the presence of absence in our lives. Holding Patterns explores this precarious state of being.