ARTC 444 Reading 5 - take home quiz


Here are the questions I'd like you to answer in regards to reading #5: Paradox in the Evolution of an Art Form: Great Expectations and the Making of a History by Marita Sturken from Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide to Video Art by Doug Hall and Sally Jo Fifer

1) What is one of the "problems" in the creation of the history of video art?

2) Why has the history been written so quickly?

3) What branch/genre of early video art was excluded from (not written into) the history of video art by the establishment, and why?

4) What role do institutions play in video art history?

5) Video art has several "inherent properties" that have been used to define the medium as an art form. Yet Sturken brings up some ideas that begin to debunk or question those properties. Give some examples.

Please email me your answers or print them out and bring them to class on MONDAY 9/24.

Marita Sturken Biography

Human Hair, Part 1 - video excerpt Videofreex documentary, 1979 - Nancy Cain and Bart Friedman

TVTV bio
Info on Four More Years, TVTV

Info on Media Burn by Ant Farm
Media Burn - video excerpt -1975


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