ARTC 409 - Job Resources

**NOTE: instructor claims no responsibility for the accuracy of this student-submitted list.


List Format:

1. contact person / address

2. company name and department

3. their specialties and clients

4. materials needed for application

5. Specific Job Title if they have openings listed

6. Application Due Date (if applicable).

7. Other important specifics about job or company


Environment/Texture Artist     Character Animator    2D User Interface Artist    Computer Modeler and Animator    Print Production    Projects / Freelance    Graphic Designer    Marketing and Management    Digital Retoucher    Concept / Character Artist    Web Designer    Unclear   


Amaze Entertainment - Environment Artist

12421 Willows Road NE #200
Kirkland, WA 98034

2.     Amaze Entertainment / Art Department

3.     Our mission is to deliver stunning, engaging interactive games across all video game platforms that are on time and profitable for our great business partners.Demo Reels and Resume

4.     Demo Reels of environments as well as digital and traditional paintings along with concept art, textures and sketches.N/A

5.     Environment Artist

6.     N/A

7.     Ability to provide accurate schedule estimates and hit due dates.


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Blizzard Entertainment - Lead 3D Environment Artist

1.     Blizzard Entertainment

2.     Not listed

3.     Blizzard's track record of back-to-back #1-selling games spans more than a decade, and with blockbuster hits such as World of Warcraft , Warcraft  III: Reign of ChaosÙ, Diablo  II, and StarCraft , the company has earned several consecutive Game of the Year awards. In
addition, Blizzard's online-game service, , is one of the largest in the world, with millions of active users.

4.     Please send demo reel and descriptions as well as a cover letter, resume, and salary history in separate Word format documents.

5.     Lead 3D Environment Artist - Next-Gen MMO

6.     No application due date

7.     Blizzard Entertainment offers a fun, creative, and technically rewarding environment with excellent compensation and a full range of benefits.


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Edge of Reality - Environment / Texture Artist
Art Department

Edge of Reality, Ltd.
6101 W. Courtyard Drive
Building 1, Ste 200
Austin, TX 78730


2.     Edge of Reality / Art Department

3.     Edge of Reality, Ltd. is an entertainment software developer focused on next generation consoles / Partnerships with Sega and Marvel.

4.     Demo Reels and Resume

5.     Environment / Texture Artist

6.     N/A

7.     Great eye for color and design and layout skills.


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Insomniac Games - Environment Artist

Insomniac Games
2255 N. Ontario Street
Suite 550
Burbank, California 91504

2.     Insomniac Games

3.     Next-gen computer games

4.     Demo reel of environments, resume, cover letter

5.     Environment Artist

6.     As soon as possible


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THQ - Rainbow Studios - Environment Artist
4722 N. 24th St. Suite 300 Phoenix,

Arizona 85016-0000 United States


2.     THQ - Rainbow Studios (Phoenix, AZ)

3.     Named Game InformerÌs ÏDeveloper of the Year for 2001Ó, Rainbow Studios is one of THQÌs premier creators of next generation content for console systems and PC. RainbowÌs seventeen-year video game history includes the critically acclaimed Motocross Madness PC series, the award-winning ATV Offroad Fury, top-selling Splashdown, the highly praised MX series and the recent blockbuster Disney/Pixar Cars title.

4.     Make sure to provide a link to your work or indicate that you will provide a reel or samples.

5.     Environment Artist

6.     No application due date

7.     Rainbow Studios is searching for a qualified Environment Artist for our original intellectual property Wii exclusive action/adventure title. Rainbow Studios, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the
largest video game developers in the Southwest. Rainbow is a wholly owned subsidiary of THQ, an industry-leading publisher that has developed top quality video games for thirteen years.


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THQ - Volition, Inc. - Environment Artist
One Main Plaza Suite #300 Champaign,

Illinois 61820-0000 United States


2.     THQ - Volition, Inc. (Champaign, IL)

3.     Created Video Games - Saints Row, Red Faction, Summoner, and the Descent/ Freespace series

4.     Samples of 3D environmental & texture work (online preferred),Samples of traditional skills, sketchbook, drawings, paintings, etc.

5.     Environment Artist

6.     No application due date

7.     The Environmental Artist will work from concept art to model and texture visually striking, high-poly, ultra-realistic environments for an unannounced Xbox360/ PS3 title.


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Cartoon Tycoon - Character Animation
Fred Miles, 59 Central Blvd.
Camp Hill, PA 17011

2.     Cartoon Tycoon, Character Animation

3.     The Cartoon Tycoon is a studio that produces character animation for television, film and multi-media. The animation can be produced as hand-drawn cell animation; 3-D computer animation (Maya); Flash for the internet; or stop-motion. Our animation is used for television commercials, show opens, bumpers, network IDs, pilots for series, CD-ROMs, corporate communications,
marketing videos, health education and internet applications. (clients...ABC Sports, NBC Sports, NBA,  MTV, Discovery Channel, ESPN

4.     Demo Reel, Resume

5.     Not Listed

6.     No deadline listed

7.     Contact- Phone 717-975-3348



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Midway Amusement Games – Contract character artist


2.     Midway Amusement Games
United States | Full Time

3.     Not listed

4.     Not listed


6.     Date Listed: 27 September 2007

7.     Surreal Software Inc. (a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc.) is looking for a Contract Character Artist to bring its characters to the next level in their new game in development.


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Surreal Software Inc. - Character Animator

3131 Elliott Ave., Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98121-1044
Phone:    206.587.0505


2.     Surreal Software Inc.

3.     Creating high quality animations utilizing motion capture data, while gaining experience creating realistic character animation for a groundbreaking Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC title

4.     Demo Reel that shows industry standard in character animation

5.     Character Animator

6.     N/A

7.     Understanding of Epicís Unreal Engine

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Blizzard Entertainment - 2D User Interface Artist


2.     Blizzard Entertainment, Starcraft II Team

3.     Video Games

4.     Cover Letter, Resume, Salary History

5.     2D User Interface Artist

6.     None Provided

7.     Previous Game Industry experience a plus. More
bonuses on web site.


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Blizzard Entertainment - 2D User Interface Artist


1.     Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine, CA

2.     Not listed

3.     Not listed

4.     Requirements:

UI design/layout experience for the web and/or games

High proficiency with Photoshop and equivalent programs

Excellent painting skills

Strong knowledge of form, light, and color

Ability to work well in a team environment

A passion for games

5.     2D User Interface Artist (for Starcraft II)

6.     Not listed

7.     Send cover letter, resume, and salary history to with art samples attached or a link to online portfolio


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Creation Studios
9310 Old Kings Road South Suite 901
Jacksonville, FL 32257

2.     Creation Studios, Modeling

3.     2D/3D Animation, Design, Video

4.     Resume and Demo Reel

5.     (not listed)

6.     N/A

7.     E-mail -
Phone - 904-612-1932


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1315 Avenue Z Suite 2
Brooklyn, NY 11235


2.     AdOnMedia, video production studio

3.     Advertising

4.     Portfolio and Resume


6.     (not listed)

7.     Email -
Phone - 718-759-6588


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Amalgamated Pixels - 3d artists
West Lake Village


2.     Amalgamated Pixels

3.     Lightwave, Messiah, and Zbrush artists

4.     Email resume

5.     3d artists

6.     ASAP

7.     None


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AniMagic Production Studios - Computer modeling and animations

710 N. 2nd St, 410S
St. Louis, MO 63102

2.     AniMagic Production Studios

3.     Computer modeling and animations, character design and animation, video editing and production

4.     1-3 years exp., art/ drawing/ architecture, modeling, lighting

5.     Computer modeling and animations, character design and animation, video editing and production

6.     (not listed)

7.     N/A


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AQUENT - 3D artist


2.     AQUENT

3.     Client Description: This ultimately cool studio is only looking for the best people to add to it's team. Your expertise in any or all of the following areas is required: 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, using Maya, 3DsMax, Mental Ray, Vray, Brazil, Photoshop, HyperShot, 2D and 3D graphics techniques with applied experience in effects production. Working knowledge of a non-linear compositing and various operating systems.

4.     We are looking for seasoned professionals to take on full time responsibilities requiring high levels of 3D production experience in 3Ds max, Maya, working knowledge of various other modeling and rendering programs, Photoshop and other compositing formats. Artistic and technical skills are a must for high quality car interior and exterior renderings.

5.     3D artist - no games!

6.     Not listed

7.     Must have strong 3D modeling and lighting experience using Maya, 3DS MAX and other software platforms. Work experience and examples submitted must demonstrate artistic talent, and photo-realistic quality specific to the automotive sector.
Aquent offers a comprehensive benefits package including health, dental,
401K, flex spending, holiday pay, bonus pay and more!


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Bethesda softworks - Animator

2.     Bethesda softworks

3.     Create award winning games from the elder scrolls and fallout series

4.     Online application accepted, need rigging skills, need fine art skills, experience in 3ds max

5.     Animator

6.     Not listed

7.     Use 3ds max

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Blizzard entertainment - Cinematic animator


2.     Blizzard entertainment - cinematic department

3.     3- high end 3D cinematic trailers and storytelling shorts for video games created by Blizzard entertainment

4.     Online application accepted, want to show generalist skills, no more then 5 minute reel.would like some concept work.

5.     Cinematic animator

6.     Not listed

7.     Have their own guide to submitting resume and cover letter on the site. also has real time department with jobs, maybe more forgiving


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BlueOmega Entertainment - Lead Animator

1.     BlueOmega entertainment

2.     New company seeking to develop new IP in gaming.

3.     Online application accepted, a strong "understanding" of rigging

4.     Lead Animator

5.     Not listed

6.     Use 3dsmax, emphasis on being a strong team member


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Camber Corp - 3D Artist / Developer


Eddie Barnett


Reference Code: 3032 AG


2.     Camber Corp, Fayetteville, NC 28301

3.     Camber Corporation's Training and Technology Division is seeking a dynamic, creative 3D Artist to join our growing Interactive Media Team in Fayetteville, NC. We currently have over 20 highly talented artists in our spacious studio.  Although the ideal candidate would be well rounded in all aspects of 3D Development, we are accepting applicants with strong emphasis in character modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, animating, and/or rendering. Our office creates 2D & 3D graphics and animation for interactive multimedia instruction (IMI).  Camber uses a high level of interactive multimedia elements with various levels of design. Some of these elements include motion graphics, interactive flash presentations, special effects, 3D character animation, 3D simulations, 3D modeling, 2D / 3D scenarios, video, etc.

4.     Candidates must be personable, take-charge individuals with dynamic organizational skills and be comfortable and capable working in a fast-paced, team environment. Must have the ability to take and offer direction, juggle multiple projects simultaneously, and work either cooperatively or independently on projects.


     • Advanced knowledge any of the following:

Maya / MotionBuilder / Max / Softimage / Lightwave

     • Mel Scripting

     • Rigging in Maya

     • Adobe Suite / Macromedia Suite

     • Audio / Video Experience


     • Game Development Experience

     • Flash / Actionscript Experience

     • Database Programming Experience

5.     3D Artist / Developer

6.     Not listed

7.     Visit our portfolio:

Send portfolio, links, and resume to:


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Dreamworks Animation - Effects Animator


2.     Dreamworks Animation

3.     Feature animated movies

4.     Cover Letter, Resume, Demo Reel, Reel Breakdown

5.     Effects Animator

6.     N/A (posted 10/12/07)

7.     Requirements:

7.- 2-3 years of experience involving simulations of natural phenomenon, particle systems, procedural modeling, procedural animation, hard and soft body dynamics and other similar effects

7. - Must have strong visual and technical skills

7. - Ability to work collaboratively in a high-end software and production environment

7. - A strong background in computer programming, preferably in C or C++ and UNIX

7. - An understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomena is key


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Dreamworks Animation - Lighter


2.     Dreamworks Animation

3.     Feature animated movies

4.     Cover Letter, Resume, Demo Reel, Reel Breakdown

5.     Lighter

6.     N/A (posted 10/12/07)

7.     Requirements:

-Show previous version of the work and clearly represent what the set of comments were, when necessary.

-Communicate creative, technical and/or interdepartmental issues appropriately.

-Work with Production Supervisor and CG Supervisor to meet sequence schedule milestones.

-Stay up to date on new tools and techniques.

-Be able to collaborate with other departments such as Layout, Modeling, Surfacing, Matte Painting, and Effects.

-Ensure that lighting setups are clean, documented and easy to understand.

-Be adaptable and ready to reprioritize with CG Supervisor when trailers, CP work, screenings, and pub stills take priority.

-Build verbal communication relationships with artists from other departments regarding assets for shots or needed paint fix element requests.


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Dreamworks Animation - Technical Director


2.     Dreamworks Animation

3.     Feature animated movies

4.     Cover Letter, Resume, Demo Reel, Reel Breakdown

5.     Technical Director

6.     N/A (posted 10/12/07)

7.     Requirements:

7.- Production experience in computer animation, visual effects, or game industry.

7.- Experience with tool integration into existing or new pipelines.

7.- Experience with Maya or other 3rd Party Animation systems.

7.- Strong programming skills. Proficiency in C, C++, Object Oriented Programming, Python and/or Perl desired.

7.- Ability to establish priorities, work independently or within a group, and work with minimal supervision.

7.- Exceptional communication skills in dealing with both technical and artistic groups.

7.  Education

7.- B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent


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Fox Sports - 3d artist
Lost Angeles


2.     Fox Sports

3.     Motion graphics for Fox Sports

4.     Website portfolio

5.     3d artist

6.     ASAP

7.     None


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Funny business production - Video puppets, animated cartoon characters

Michael Fischette,  

145 Coopers Farm Rd.
Southampton, NY 11968


2.     Video puppets, animated cartoon characters (live presentations and video)

3.     Funnybusiness productions, for over 20 years, has been a highly effective part of corporate events in the U.S. and abroad. Our services include professional comedy writing along with the performance of video puppets and animated cartoon characters for live presentations as well as on videotape.  (clients...Juniper Networks, ADP, Bristol-Myers Squibb, EXXonMobil, Price Waterhouse Coopers,ect.)

4.     Demo Reel, Resume

5.     Not Listed

6.     No deadline listed

7.     Contact- Phone 631-283-7588



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Method Solutions - 3D Animator


1.     Method Solutions
United States | Full Time

2.     Not listed

3.     Not listed

4.     3D Animator

5.     Date Listed: 22 October 2007

6.     Primary responsibilities include working with the Lead Animator to complete In-Game animations, exporting and implementing completed assets, and ensuring game animations meet creative criteria while maintaining a high quality look.


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Spine 3D Animation + VFX Studios – 3D Animators, Modelers, Illustrators

Kevin Smith

51 South Le Jeune Road

Miami, FL  33134


2.     Spine 3D Animation + VFX Studios, Animation

3.     Spine3D is the nation's leader in 3D production services.The company was founded in 2000 by 3 architects with a passion for visualizing architectural designs in 3D.  The focus of the company has since been high-quality and reliable production of 3D renderings and animations for architects, developers and advertising agencies.  As a result, Spine3D has created award-winning products for many of the nation's top real estate development projects.  (clients...Congress Group, Hines, Key International, KSI, MGM Mirage, Trump, ZOM Florida, Inc., Gensler, United Landmark
Associates, ect.)

4.     Spine3D is always on the lookout for talented 3D Animators, Modelers, Illustrators and Project Managers with a passion for architectural visualization.  If you have the talent, discipline, and motivation to join an award-winning team please send your resume and samples of your work to

5.     3D Animators, Modelers, Illustrators, Project Managers

6.     No deadline listed

7.     Contact- Phone 305-567-5555



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U.S. government/coin design - High End Modeler

US Mint
151 N. Independence Mall East,
Pennsylvania 19106
United States Mint


2.     U.S. government/coin design

3.     Portfolio of work showing maya/zbrush work and traditional work

4.     High End Modeler

5.     N/A


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VR Studio - 3D Artist


The Walt Disney Company - Walt Disney Internet Gro


2.     VR Studio, US-CA-North Hollywood

3.     The VR Studio is Disney's Center of Excellence in real-time graphics and interactive entertainment online. The studio is currently focused on the development of Pirates of the Caribbean Online - a massively multiplayer online game set for release in 2007 (
Previous studio projects include the award-winning Toontown Online (, a massively multiplayer online game for kids of all ages. The studio has also developed interactive theme park rides: Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for Buccaneer Gold, and Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride for DisneyQuest (


The candidate will have at least 3 years experience creating 3D models & painting textures in a game development pipeline.

Deep understanding of and production experience with Maya Software.

Photoshop - use of photoshop to hand-paint game textures.

Traditional painting skills.

Bodypaint 3D Experience

Deep Paint

Experience with level design/building in game production

5.     3D Artist

6.     Not listed

We are searching for a talented 3D Artist possessing a skill set that crosses the traditional boundaries or job descriptions of Modeler or Painter. The ideal candidates have a thorough understanding of technical aspects/limitations of creating and manipulating assets for real-time 3D environments; demonstrate expertise in the following disciplines; and possess one or more of the skill sets outlined under DESIRED SKILLS:
3D Painting:

Must demonstrate: exceptional artistic ability to hand-paint and texture in 3D and 2D.

Expert knowledge of UV-mapping techniques.

·  As well as the creation of bump maps and alpha channels to be incorporated into final 3D environment models and 3D character models.
3D Character Modeling:

Must demonstrate: a superior understanding of both high-poly and low-poly modeling of 3D characters.

Understanding of anatomy and form

Ability to characterize and stylize is essential.
Environment Modeling:

Must demonstrate: a superior understanding of both high-poly and low-poly modeling of 3D environments.

Ability to characterize and stylize is essential.

A developed sensitivity to three-dimension spatial relationships.

Knowledge of architectural forms.

Knowledge of set design principles.


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WILDBRAIN - CG Modeler/Texture Artist

660 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94110



3.     Global film, television and commercial markets

4.     Demo reel of high end modeling and texturing, resume, cover letter

5.     CG Modeler/Texture Artist

6.     N/A


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Wild Brain - Modeler
San Francisco


2.     Wild Brain

3.     WILDBRAIN is an award-winning animation studio that develops and produces content for the global film, television and commercial markets.

4.     Reel, breakdown, cover letter, and resume

5.     Modeler

6.     ASAP

7.     None


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Paladin Consulting Inc. - Print Production Clerk

Paladin Consulting Inc.


Jerry Piland, Senior Recruiter
PALADIN Consulting, Inc.
3030 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1140
Dallas, Texas 75234
Main - 972-783-1995
Direct - 214-254-3948
Cell - 214-802-3231
Toll Free - 877-783-1995
email -

2.     Paladin Consulting Inc.

3.     IT Staffing Augmentation Industry

4.     A resume

5.     Print Production Clerk

6.     N/A

7.     Must have a graphic design background, know how to operate
various printers, and be able to manipulate images in order to
print correctly


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Mechanism Digital - Freelancers Needed!


2.     Mechanism Digital, United States | Part Time

3.     (Not listed)

4.     Not listed

5.     Freelancers Needed!

6.     Date Listed - 23 October 2007

7.     Mechanism Digital Studios is looking for talented and hard working Artists with industry experience to work on 3D, Effects, Design and Animation


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Project: Adobe Consulting - Technical architect

Adobe Systems Incorporated

345 Park Avenue

San Jose, California 95110-2704


408-537-6000 FAX


2.     Project: Adobe Consulting, United States

3.     Adobe believes personal fulfillment and company success go hand in hand, sustaining one another. In fact, our dynamic, rewarding working environment is well known – including seven consecutive years on FORTUNE magazine’s "100 Best Companies to Work For" and other, similar accolades. By hiring the very best and brightest, Adobe continues to be a simply better place to work – creating a dynamic environment today and providing incentives for future achievement.
Adobe is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace.

4.     Software Utilized: Acrobat, J2EE, Java, XML


At least eight years software development experience, with at least five years experience  designing and implementing complex Internet applications.

• At least four years of technical consulting experience.

• Capable of interfacing with clients and partners at all levels.

• Experience delivering PDF-centric solutions, especially solutions that use the Adobe LiveCycle

family of products, is a big plus.

• Experience designing and implementing workflow systems.

• Working knowledge of Java and J2EE server technologies including web services, RPCs, and

various web application servers.

• Working knowledge of web technologies, including web security and HTTP.

• Familiarity with XML, n-tier server technologies, enterprise application integration.

• Document security expertise a big plus.

• Knowledge of JBoss, Flex, Acrobat, object-oriented software development a plus.

• Experience with forms design and migration a plus.

• Flexibility and adaptability to move quickly from broadly defined user and business

requirements to solution frameworks to implementation.

• Excellent leadership, management, and communication skills.

• Experience in custom development and customer facing service delivery.

• Ability to juggle multiple simultaneous projects using proven organizational skills.

• Willingness to travel extensively

5.     Technical architect

6.     Not listed

7.     Job Description and Responsibilities:

Recognizing that employees are at the core of our success, Adobe recruits and retains highly qualified and motivated individuals, creates an environment where they can innovate and achieve their best, and rewards them for their performance by giving them an opportunity to share in the company’s success.

Position Summary:

We are looking for a technical architect with consulting experience to provide customer-facing guidance in the design and implementation of these ground-breaking applications. The Technical Architect is a pivotal role within Adobe Consulting. This individual is considered a company expert within technical discipline, and leads technical aspects of projects with strategic customers and partners.


• Work with Adobe customers and partners to lead the implementation of solutions based on Adobe enterprise products, particularly Flex and LiveCycle.

• Act as a subject matter expert on Adobe technology and in the delivery of solutions that employ this technology.

• Work with Adobe product development groups, providing product-related insight that comes from

real-world experience, and learning best practices for applying Adobe technologies to leading-edge applications.

• Participate in technical prototype implementations for strategic customers and partners.

• Assist in key accounts with closing business.

• Play an instrumental role in expanding existing engagements.

• Lead the definition of key aspects the practice's methodology.

• Develop knowledge assets for Adobe, based on customer engagements, including prototypes,

components, white papers and best practice methodologies for building Rich Internet Applications.

Relocation: Yes

Start Date: Immediately

Required Spoken Language(s): English


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Project: TV Series and TV Commercials

Cilantro Animation Studios

1200 N. Federal Highway

Suite 200

Boca Raton, Florida 33432

866 741 6075

866 741 6075 FAX



2.     Project: TV Series and TV Commercials

3.     Not listed

4.     Qualifications:

Demonstrate expertise in the following:

- Animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, sketching and or drawing skills

- Minimum 2 years of practical knowledge with major animation packages (Maya, 3D Max, Motion


- Must be of independent and upbeat personality to help the team bring to life great stories

- Be able to work in a dynamic, fast paced, multicultural and multi language environment that

requires understanding of different cultures and quick thinking

- US American residency a plus

- Be able to relocate to South Florida

Desired Skills and Pluses:

All applicants must send ALL of the following:

1. A brief cover letter including your specialty disciplines and if you're interested in freelance or staff positions.

2. A resume where you've worked, what you did there, the tools and systems you can use, and your education history.

3. A demo reel up to four (4) minutes of your very best work, presented newest material first.

4. A demo reel breakdown

A shot-by-shot description telling us what we're looking at, what your role was, and what tools

you used.

Your application can be sent by clicking "APPLY" on this posting (preferred) or by regular mail.


Include an uploaded cover letter, resume and preferably an uploaded demo reel in your profile

(or link to a site with your demo as a direct link to a QuickTime video but please don't make

us navigate your website to find it) with a shot breakdown included.

5.     3D animator

6.     Not listed

7.     Job Description and Responsibilities:

Cilantro Animation Studios is currently seeking experienced character animators for on going TV

commercials and TV series. Applicants should be able to demonstrate strong creative skills and

acting abilities and are comfortable working under tight deadlines with little supervision.


Responsible for implementation of complex character animation. Responsible for the modeling, rigging, texturing, movement in computer animation, included, but not limited, to timing, acting and posing of characters.


- Work with Director(s) in establishing character design and movement

- Take models and/or rigged models (set up for animation) to finish animation

- Cooperate with sound engineering

- Work with other team members to implement animation

- Interact with motion builder software and motion capture equipment.

If you send by regular mail, please include your demo reel in NTSC DVD format only. (No VHS, CD, beta, viewmaster or other formats.)

Bonus Eligibility: Yes

Relocation: Yes

Start Date: Immediately

Required Spoken Language(s): English, Spanish

Required Work Auth.: United States


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Centurion Technologies - Graphic Designer

Kraig Kutshbaugh
1308 Trenton Ave
Findlay, OH  45840



2.     Centurion Technologies, LLC

Solutions Department

3.     Logistics, Marketing, E-Commerce, Financial

4.     Resume and Portfolio

5.     Graphic Designer

6.     Not listed



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Sarah Hulbert
AccessEast, LLC

Perrysburg, Ohio


2.     Not listed

3.     Not listed

4.     Post graduation.

5.     Designer, Full time job,

6.     Not listed

7.     You would design custom products for clients. Need to know Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Must have an interest in marketing. Must be able to draw.


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Destineer - Graphic designer, Senior producer, Senior Game designer
Human Resources
13755 First Ave N., Suite 500
Plymouth, MN 55441

2.     Destineer

3.     Games and simulators; gamers and military

4.     Resume, demo reel (for art positions)

5.     Graphic designer, Senior producer, Senior Game designer

6.     Not listed

7.     Not listed


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Future US (PC Gamer magazine - Lead Designer)   

Future US Headquarters
4000 Shoreline Court, Suite 400
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Ph 650-872-1642


2.     Future US (PC Gamer magazine), Creative

3.     "Future US (PC Gamer magazine) is a leading publisher of cutting-edge special interest magazines and websites in the games, technology, music and action sports sectors. With monthly sales in excess 2.6 million magazines and traffic to our websites at 3.5 million unique visitors each month, Future US is the fastest growing publisher on US newsstands."

4.     For Consideration, Applicants Must Submit:

·                Cover letter

·                Resume

·                Sample portfolio

·                General salary requirements


5.     Lead Designer to take charge of the magazine's editorial and artistic layout.

6.     No due date specified

7.     The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

·                Previous Graphic Design experience (previous magazine experience is a plus)

·                Must be proficient in Adobe, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator

·                A strong visual sense and attention to detail

·                Knowledge of the product a plus


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Creative Design Multimedia - Advertising Sales Representative

Ms. Cindy Gerken
204 West Hall

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green



2.     Creative Design Multimedia

3.     Not listed

4.     Not listed

5.     Advertising Sales Representative

6.     Not listed

7.     Part-time/ commission pay


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Dreamworks Animation - Technical Resource Administrator

Dreamworks Animation

1000 Flower Street

Glendale, California 91201


818-695-3320 FAX


2.     Dreamworks Animation

3.     Technical Resource Administrator (TRA)

Technical Resource Administrators (TRAs) support the 24x7 rendering production of DreamWorks

animated feature films. In this entry-level but mission critical role, TRAs touch all aspects of the technical production pipeline. They have broad interaction with production artists from fx, animation, lighting, layout and modeling departments as well as technical directors and technology teams.

4.     Not listed

5.     Technical Resource Administrator

6.     Not listed

7.     Primary Responsibilities:

* Monitor, manage and keep the render farm running at maximum capacity.

* Monitor, manage and check rendered shots, verifying delivery for dailies & rounds.

* Maintain rendering priorities and resource allocations for various productions.

* Assist artists with render job submissions and errors.

* Monitor infrastructure servers and escalate problems.

* Handle studio help desk calls after hours and on weekends. Requirements:

* Basic Linux experience.

* Fundamental systems administration skills and general technical troubleshooting experience.

* Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

* Good organizational skills and attention to detail.

* Ability tohandle a fast paced, occasionally high pressure environment.

* Ability to work well independently and as part of a team.

* Willingness to work very flexible hours, including weekends, evenings or nights when production schedules require.

* Basic shell scripting experience preferred.

Starting shift available: Graveyard, 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.


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 Marketing/ promotions jobs


2.     Not listed

3.     Toledo Mud Hens Spring Intern

4.     Not listed

5.      Marketing/ promotions jobs, Audio/ Video jobs

6.     Not listed


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Haggin Marketing, Inc. - Image Coordinator/Retoucher

Laura Kivette

Haggin Marketing, Inc.
100 Shoreline Highway
Mill Valley, CA 94941


2.     Haggin Marketing, Creative

3.     "Haggin Marketing is a dynamic, growing agency with a unique team atmosphere. Clients include Fortune 500 catalogers, retail advertisers, and direct marketing brands across the country."

4.     Resume

5.     Image Coordinator/Retoucher

6.     No due date specified

7.     The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

Ability to multi-task, meet tight deadlines, and troubleshoot

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

Ability to work both independently and in a team environment

Working knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, scanning equipment; C1 Pro knowledge helpful

Prior experience handling large volume of images and working with image management software preferred


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Kimball Stock - Digital Retoucher

Kimball Stock
1960 Colony Street
Mountain View, CA 94043

Email resume to, or fax resume to 650-969-0485


2.     Kimball Stock, Search Engine, Creative

3.     "Kimball Stock is the world's largest and most comprehensive automobile stock photo agency in the world. In addition, its animal stock collection now features over 500,000 images from some of the best domestic and wildlife photographers in the business."

4.     Resume and cover sheet/letter

5.     Digital Retoucher

6.     No due date specified

7.     The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

·                Experience using Photoshop

·                Must be familiar with Mac/Apple computers

·                Good file organizational skills on Apple/Mac platform

·                Must have an eye for detail

·                Knowledge of Automobiles and/or Animals (preferred)


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Bethsda Rockville - Character Artist

2.     Bethsda Rockville, Maryland

3.     Games, Gamers

4.     Resume, Portfolio (prefer web links for portfolios, materials)

5.     Character Artist

6.     Not listed

7.     Not considered an applicant until apply for a particular position and have been invited to complete company's employment application.  

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BioWare Edmonton - Concept Artist

Human resources,
200, 4445 Calgary Trail
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6H 5R7

2.     BioWare Edmonton

3.     Computer games, gamers

4.     Resume, 2D Portfolio (digital, no originals). 3D Portfolio optional.

5.     Concept Artist

6.     Not listed

7.     Need to sign product submission agreement. Do not phone.


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Aktion Associates - Web Site/Graphics Developer

Director of Marketing
Aktion Associates
1687 Woodlands
Maumee, OH 43537

2.     Aktion Associates
      marketing Department

3.     Computer Consulting firm, providing software, hardware, networking services.

4.     Resume with 3 references

5.     Web Site/Graphics Developer

6.     Not listed


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Digg Web Design - Web Designer


1.     Digg Web Design Dept., Protrero Hill, CA

2.     Not listed

3.     Not listed

4.     Requirements:

A strong portfolio of work that we can see would be an enormous asset for applicants. An accompanying description of your portfolio, describing its strengths and even its weaknesses, would be even better.Very accomplished css and xhtml skills are required. Experience with subversion, php, and javascript would be great.

5.     Web Designer

6.     Not listed

7.     Send resume, portfolio (or link to online portfolio), and cover letter to


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Google Web Design - Associate Web Designer


1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone (650) 253-0000


1.     Google Web Design Department

2.     Not listed

3.     Requirements:

BA/BS or equivalent.

Freehand illustration skills.

Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Solid background and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Strong knowledge of color theory.

Ability to work collaboratively.

Experience with graphics tablet.

Excellent communication skills.

Excellent attention to detail.

      Online portfolio of work required.

4.     Associate Web Designer

5.     Not listed

6.     Need to complete online application, and submit Resume/CV.


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Sauder Woodworking Co. - Web Designer Developer

Martha Gebers
502 Middle Street
Archbold, OH 43502

2.     Sauder Woodworking Co.
      ebsite Development

3.     Ready to Assemble furniture

4.     Resume

5.     Web Designer Developer

6.     Not listed



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Aktion Associates - Web Site/Graphics Developer

Director of Marketing
Aktion Associates
1687 Woodlands
Maumee, OH 43537

7.     Aktion Associates
      marketing Department

8.     Computer Consulting firm, providing software, hardware, networking services.

9.     Resume with 3 references

10.   Web Site/Graphics Developer

11.   Not listed


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Flatboy Productions
1401 Grandin Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15216

2.     Flatboy Productions, Animation and Effects

3.     Commercial/film, Pherome Films, Inc., Body Media, Beam Arena, etc.

4.     Demo Reel, Resume

5.     Not Listed

6.     No deadline listed

7.     Contact- Phone 412-531-1178



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