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Galleries seeking artwork as of 11/1/07

115 Digital Art Gallery New 2007! New 2007! Ryerson Gallery
The Williams Gallery of Fine Art New 2007!
The Tatar Gallery Washington Kayak Club Gallery

Digital Arts Gallery

1.     Silvana Bratu - Gallery Curator

2.     115 Digital Art Gallery
Digital Art Gallery
115 Mihai Eminescu Street
Bucharest, Romania

3.     For consideration, please send 2 - 7 low-res jpg files of your artworks to
You may also submit your web site for review.

4.     Not listed

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1.     Alfredo - contact person

2.     Graphola C/O Drop Srl Umberto I, 171
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC) - Italian Address

3.     Create an artist account and follow submission and review process. If accepted you have the
chance to sell work and get paid!

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Washington Kayak Club Gallery

Gallery Submission Page

All images should be JPEG, PNG or GIF. Sorry, no TIFF images can be accepted.

Please make your images; 500 pixels in any dimension.

Keep in mind that we pay for server space, and images viewed over the web need a resolution of only 72 dpi. Please make sure your images aren't higher resolution than this. On most graphics applications, you'll likely< find a "Save for web" or such option that will select the appropriate image resolution.

Don't worrry about thumbnail images - they will be generated.

Keep your show to 30 images or less, please.

Along with your images, you need to supply a "script" that tells about your show, with captions and credits for each image. See website for format information.

Please do not send your show via email - messages that large choke the web and may even be rejected based on size. no application due date

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The Williams Gallery of Fine Art

1.     Mary Lou Bock - Director and Curator

2.     The Williams Gallery of Fine Art

The Williams Gallery Annex
7150 Stirling Road
Davie, FL 33024

3.     Submissions being taken for exhibition, send in a cd or e-mail, include an image ID sheet with   retail prices, dimensions, medium, etc, SASE for return materials

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Ryerson Gallery

Submission Page

Submission Requirements:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Artist/curatorial statement
  3. CV for each artist (unless more than 3 exhibitors)
  4. A list of required equipment and a description of how it will be obtained by the artist(s)
  5. A budget listing expenses to be met by the artists and to be met by the gallery (see section on services provided by the gallery)
  6. Appropriate support material
Submission Deadline for 2004: November 13, 2003

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The Tatar Gallery

Submission Page

no application due date.

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ARTC 409 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo - Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University.

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