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a huge list of gaming co of all sizes!


Specific jobs listed as of 11/9/03
AMG Advertising
blizzard Entertainment
Croog Studios Double Fine Productions
Dream Works
For Rent Magazine
Gap Inc.
Hart Associates
Industrial Light and magic
insomniac games JPL- Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Leo Burnett
Myriad Interactive, Inc
PCS Station, Inc.
Realm Interactive
Superior Technical Resources Inc.
U.S. Navy
Walt Disney Feature Animation
World Harvest Church

insomniac games

Character Artist (Modeler/Rigger)



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Double Fine Productions:

Double Fine Productions was founded in July of 2000, in an old, possibly haunted, clog shop in San Francisco. There was a lot of money floating around back then, and a lot of ghosts, and stuff like this happened all the time. The founder, Tim Schafer, created for his previous company (LucasArts) such games as Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and (half of) Day of the Tentacle. He started Double Fine with a big chunk of the Grim team, and a big chunk of new people. These hardened industry curmudgeons had worked on such world-famous titles as Maximo, Diablo II, Jedi Knight, Starfighter, and a whole bunch of other Star Wars stuff. Thrown into the mix were some skilled animators from Tippett and Pixar, some talented kids fresh out of art school, and some freaky characters who just wandered in off the street that everybody is afraid to ask who they are. Together, they make Double Fine Productions: 35 or so well-groomed individuals, dedicated to making highly original games that are good and that are fun and that you will like; in time, love. The happy people of Double Fine are your friends, and some of the only people in the world you can trust.

Jobs require a demo reel for said job. Apply anytime.

"Even if we don't have any current openings that are right for you right now, if you are interested in working at Double Fine, send in your stuff anyway! We are always interested in making contact with talented and experienced programmers, artists, animators, designers, and production people. Even if you're not looking for work right now, it's good to stay in touch because YOU NEVER KNOW.

I can't guarantee that we will be especially good about responding to each and every email we get. Sometimes we get busy and ignore that mail box for months on end. But don't give up hope. Eventually, the mail server will get full, and we'll need to delete some of the applications, so we'll all get together and read through the resumes in there and make fun of people's spelling errors or read their "Job Objective" statements in sarcastic voices and stuff like that.

But maybe we'll see your samples or your web page and all at once the laughter will stop, and our jaws will drop, and then somebody will say, "Whoa." And then I'll look a them and I'll say, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And then someone will yell, "I'm way ahead of you buddy!" as they pull up in the company bus/monster truck and as we all pile in, somebody shouts out, "LOCK AND LOAD!" And we drive full speed to your house and you come out and say "D-D-D-Double Fine? But--" and we put a finger to your lips and say, "You had us at hello!" And then your parents try to stop us because they don't understand, so we duct tape them to a streetlight and peel out, popping a wheelie all the way down the street while "Sweet Home Alabama" blares out of the radio and then you and I try to say something at the same time because we're both so excited, so then we both shut up so that the other can talk, and then we both say, "No, you go!", but then we both start talking again at the same time, and we have to just laugh until we're crying tears of joy, and we sense in our hearts that we will all be best friends forever and ever, and never think about what or who we were before. We will just enjoy the ever-unfolding kaleidoscope of happiness and discovery and adventure and laughter that lie before us.

And then we pull up to the office and I yell, "Alright, back to work suckers. And no talking!" And weld the door shut with everyone inside as I laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh, the fun."

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Realm Interactive:

Founded in November 2000, Realm Interactive is a development studio based out of Phoenix, AZ. Realm's founders have a wealth of experience building startup companies from the ground up and managing development teams.

Realmıs mission is to create the most fun and visually appealing video games in the industry. Over the last two years Realm has built an experienced development team with over 50 years of combined industry experience and a reusable suite of development tools to quickly deliver "A" level titles to the market. Our team has industry veterans who have shipped multiple titles, including Blizzard's Starcraft Expansion, Brood War.

In addition, Realm has hired comic book industry veteran Joe Madureira as its creative director. Creator of the blockbuster comic book series Battle Chasers and former artist of Marvel's Uncanny X-men, Joe has been a leading force in the comic industry for over a decade. His unmistakable style of character design and visual storytelling have earned him international acclaim and helped sell millions of books worldwide. Joe joins Realm Interactive as Creative Director to realize his long time dream of developing interactive videogame properties.

Realm is currently working on its first game title, Exarch Online. Exarch is a fantastic, fast-paced action RPG set in an enormous virtual world with classic science fiction and fantasy elements. In the future, Realm will continue to deliver compelling massive online games on both the PC and the next generation of consoles. This is a very cool company if only to work with the likes of Joe Madureira, a comic legend.

The company gives no other info at this time other than two email addresses to use for info and jobs:

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Croog Studios:, New York, NY

They want a 3D maya Artist for an internship... Interesting... I'm one.

Reel (vhs)
open application-no deadline.
This one really didnt give a whole lot of info, but I thought that it might be something to look into.

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blizzard Entertainment

Texture Artists & Illustrators: physical folder can be sent as portfolio

Modelers & Animators:

Currently accepting applications

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Animation Production/Technology

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Myriad Interactive, Inc:

email: resume and a sample of your work

currently accepting applications

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Walt Disney Feature Animation

PLEASE SEND US A DISPOSABLE COPY OF YOUR REEL AS WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING IT TO YOU. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL ARTWORK OR PORTFOLIO/REEL CASES. Please do not ship COD or overestimate the value of your portfolio/reel contents. This could delay your work in customs or incur additional fees.

Computer Generated Imagery Reel Guidelines (Just send it in)

Enclose your completed submission form, which can be downloaded from this website.

Enclose your resume.

Write a cover letter identifying your specific discipline of interest (e.g., character animation, modeling, lighting).

Include samples of traditional work, if available and applicable.

Avoid including loose artwork.

Send photocopies preferably rather than original artwork. Fix pastel, charcoal, and chalk drawings and mount them behind plastic.

Identify each piece of artwork, as well as the portfolio case, videotape, slides, etc., with your name.

Limit your portfolio to 25 pages total (a sketchbook or video reel counts as one page).

Include your work on a video reel.

Reels should be no longer than four minutes.

Your name must be on the tape and the case.

A table of contents (Demo Reel Breakdown) identifying your responsibility on each sequence and software uses (if applicable) must be included. Example: "Segment 2: 'The City'-animated the cars and people walking down the street; modeled the buildings and the cars; created the textures on the signs and the lighting. [State software used.]"

Video reel format must be one of the following: VHS, U-Matic (3/4 inch), NTSC, or PAL.

If you have a geographic preference(s) (California, Florida), please indicate the location(s) on the Portfolio Submission Form. Information regarding all candidates is shared between both studios. Please send only one portfolio/reel to your preferred location.

For artistic positions in California, reels should be addressed to:
Walt Disney Feature Animation
Attention: Recruitment
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-7454

For artistic positions in Florida, reels should be addressed to:
Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida
Attention: Recruitment
200 Animation Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

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1628 Henthorne Drive, Suite 100
Maumee, Ohio 43537
Phone: 419-868-6090 ext. 10
Fax: 419-868-6099

-This was the only information offered to contact this company.

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application page

-you have to make a career profile on their web space
-then you are able to apply, search, and view job descriptions once you have logged on and created your user name.

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Hart Associates

-The Hart Associates is a flash page, that just has a link to email them if you would further like to get in contact. But no application form.

Back to top -This is the link providing emails for each individual employee, and the overall phone and email to contact the company if you are interested in applying.

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Dream Works

-To apply for an open position, submit your resume and cover letter detailing your experience and position of interest. Do to the volume of resumes received, only applicants applying online will receive confirmation that the resume has been received. We apologize in advance that we are unable to respond personally to each applicant, nor are we able to respond to telephone calls or other inquires. If your qualifications meet your needs we will contact you.


Dream Works
Human Resources
1000 Flower Street
Glendale, CA 91201
Attn: list position for which you are applying

subject line must contain the position for which you are applying
Due to virus controls, we can accept only plain text resumes received with in the body of an email; attached resumes will not be reviewed.

Attn: list position for which you are applying.

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Liggett-Stashower, Inc.

Specialization: Advertising, Direct Marketing, Interactive, and Public relations.

Clients: Sears, Cedar Point, Cole Managed Vision, Ohio Lottery

Application Materials: Cover Letter and Resume requested

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Specializations: Web design, Email marketing communication, Interactive

Clients: Bil-Jac Foods, Burton Lumber and Fuel, California Imports Swimwear, Creativity for Kids, Eagle America, Husqvarna Viking, Member Health, Neal Schuman, OceanSide Coastal Lighting, Patio Enclosures, Pfaff USA, Pricecutter, White Sewing Machines

Application: 2 years experience in web design, resume, cover letter; For Web Application Developer position

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AMG Advertising


Clients: Stoufers, Ortega

Application: Resume and cover letter

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Industrial Light and magic

Digital Matte artists create digital set extensions, skies, elements, and environments



If you or someone you know is interested in this position please submit a resume online - click here.
You may also send a resume to:
Lucas Digital, Ltd.
Attn: Recruiting, Job #76-02,
P.O. Box 2459
San Rafael, Ca 94912
or fax to 415-448-2850.

To submit a demo reel/portfolio, please click here for further information.

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JPL- Jet Propulsion Laboratory listing

Computer Animator

We are seeking an animator to design and create 3D computer animations for use in various JPL and NASA projects. Key functions of this position include partnering with clients to determine the scope, budget and schedule of projects. This position will involve creating titles and graphics, making or arranging for duplicates and keeping track of time and materials. This role will maintain libraries containing masters, stock footage, historical footage, graphics, music and sound effects, in addition to reporting equipment malfunctions and assisting in various audiovisual projects.

Enjoy a competitive salary and impressive benefits with the renowned leader in space exploration. If you'd like to discover new worlds with our innovative team, please apply online at:

(Requisition #530) EOE.

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World Harvest Church Job Listing

Graphic Artist

Experienced Graphic Artist for busy Publications Department. Work on graphic design and typesetting projects, including 4-color process, multiple spot color, and one color. Prepare mock-ups of new products. Macintosh based desktop publishing. Must have knowledge of print production process. Strong conceptual skills. Work on variety of advertising material: forms, campaigns, trade ads, book covers, flyers, CD, dvd, video jackets, various print collateral. Must have strong knowledge of Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. Associates degree in Graphic Design or related field preferred.

World Harvest Church employs 350 staff members offering competitive wages and providing a comprehensive benefits plan, including health, dental, disability and life insurance. World Harvest Church operates Harvest Preparatory School, World Harvest Bible College, and Breakthrough media ministries. Breakthrough is viewed around the world as it is carried on 1400 television stations and cable affiliates, including the Canadian Vision Network, The Black Entertainment Network, The Trinity Broadcasting Network, as well as The Armed Forces Radio and Television Network which broadcasts to 160 countries.

Contact Information :
World Harvest Church
Columbus OH
Fax: (614) 834-3324

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Leo Burnett

Digital Studio Artist, no expiration date.

First Name: Please supply your first name.
Last Name: Please supply your last name.
E-Mail: Please supply a e-mail address.
Phone: Please supply a correctly formatted phone number.
Current Assignment/ Account: Text for the Assignment/ Account must be shorter than 1,000 characters.
Attach your Adobe .pdf or Word .doc file here.
Use the following to submit your cover letter (optional):
Please give us the URL for your online portfolio:

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Superior Technical Resources Inc.

Our client has an immediate need for assistance in their graphics department for a 12 month assignment in Toledo, OH. (as of late September)

Job Description:
-Customer Satisfaction
- Number of billable hours
- Number of jobs per month
- Job turn-around time
- Contribution to print volume building

Job requirements:
- Able to operate MAC mouse and keyboard
- Able to distinguish between colors & shades of the same color
- Able to read, write and follow basic English instructions
- Attention to detail
- Problem solving aptitude
- Teamwork skills
- Appetite to learn new technology
- Flexible and willing to commit to schedules and deadlines
- Creative talent
- 2-4 year community college diploma or university degree in graphic design/fine arts or printing technology; but demonstrated background acceptable
- In-depth knowledge & hands on experience in color printing systems, color theory, image processing, RIPS
- In-depth knowledge & hands on experience with graphics design, desktop publishing, and web-page design software
- Very fluent in Freehand, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Microsoft Office Suite
- Database knowledge/skills, ex: Access
- Web Deployment Capabilities
- Digital color preflight and pre-press workflow competency
- Freehand illustration and copy writing skills highly desirable

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please send your resume in confidence with your salary requirements.

Technical Staffing Supervisor
Superior Technical Resources Inc.
10700 Montgomery Road, Suite 324
Cincinnati 45242
Ph: (513) 489-3235
Fax: (513) 489-3413

Only a resume required.

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The Production Artist is responsible for creating final digital mechanical artwork for packaging and collateral materials using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Production Artist provides technical and implementation expertise to the design and account team and insures final deliverables meet both design and production requirements. Projects must be managed and executed on-time, on budget, with the highest quality deliverables and client satisfaction.

The successful candidate will have strong background in artwork production for packaging and print collateral. Must be detail oriented and have strong communication and organizational skills. He/she will have demonstrated the ability to develop internal relationships by gaining the confidence of colleagues while ensuring project details, process steps and agreed-upon deliverables are organized, communicated and delivered effectively.

Candidates will likely have 1-5 years of experience in digital art production in a consumer packaged goods environment. Familiarity with packaging and/or print design work and/or experience with corporate identity strategies are helpful.

To apply, please submit your resume through;

alternatively, you can mail a hard copy of your resume to:
Heather Mulvaney
HR Coordinator
110 Shillito Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

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Seeking to fill the following two positions: Producer: Established Production Company looking for an experienced video producer. Seeking a creative resourceful person capable of working with our production staff in all phases of production. Creative skills as well as digital editing skills required. Excellent communication and organizational skills are a must.

Designer: Video Production Company looking for an experienced Designer. Must have strong PhotoShop and After Effects background. Content storyboarding & Graphic design required, Illustrator, Flash, PowerPoint, experience a plus. IMAGE BASE
430 W. Erie
Chicago, Il 60610
fax 312-587-8700

Contact Information
Company: Image Base
Contact: Kevin Blake
Fax: 312-587-8787

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U.S. Navy

Company: U.S. Navy
Location: US-CA-Santa Barbara
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Advertising Art - Photography - Journalism Broadcasting - Radio - TV Job Type: Broadcast - Journalism
Entry Level - New Grad
Required Education: High School
Required Experience: Less Than 1 Year
Required Travel: Up to 25%
Relocation Covered: Yes

Worldwide. Position will require relocating.

History owes a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have documented the triumphs and conflicts of the United States Navy. Sailors in the News and Media field are the eyes and ears of the fleet and often the rest of the world. This specialty is an intricate part of the Navyıs delivery of visual, audio and written information, both internally and to the public. Your ability to handle deadlines as well as your ability to communicate ideas creatively, artistically and effectively might make this the perfect career choice for you.

What will you do?

As a videographer with a combat photography unit, you might develop a training video for an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. As a Photojournalist, your images of a humanitarian-relief operation in a foreign country could open the eyes of the world. Or maybe youıll keep your fellow Sailors informed on whatıs happening in the fleet as a News Anchor for the Navy/Marine Corps News. Then again, maybe youıre technically inclined and are happiest making sure that your ship or unitıs communications equipment has been inspected, repaired and is functioning properly. Regardless of what missions and assignments youıll encounter, your skills of gathering and creatively communicating information will be used on a daily basis. Some other duties you might encounter in the News and Media field include:

Skills and training

On-the-job training in this field is extensive, and there are a number of opportunities for intermediate and advanced schooling in the News and Media disciplines, depending on the career path you choose. Sailors in the News and Media field have access to cutting-edge digital cameras, nonlinear editing systems and computer-based graphics applications. Some training you receive may earn you certification by the Department of Labor as a:

Or your training might prepare you for future careers such as: Educational opportunities
In the News and Media field, you may have an opportunity for continued education through various college and tuition assistance programs. Some of the training received in this field will translate toward semester credit hours for a vocational certificate, as well as a bachelorıs or associateıs degree.

Career outlook
There are many opportunities for individuals to excel in this field, both in and out of the Navy. Your assignments in the News and Media field are similar to those you would find in the civilian sector, with one exception ­ your "beat" may be worldwide. The opportunity to document news almost anywhere in the world is a reality in the Navy, giving Sailors in this field a wide range of real-world experience and a portfolio that canıt be beat.

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen, a high school graduate, less than 35 years of age, and in good health.

For more information, contact a Career Development Specialist at [Click here for email] (email), or 888-633-9674 (toll free).

Contact Information
Company: U.S. Navy
Contact: Career Development Specialist
Email: Send Email Now
Phone: 888-633-9674

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Gap Inc.

Location: US-CA-San Francisco
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Advertising Art - Photography - Journalism Fashion - Apparel - Textile Retail
Job Type: Design Marketing Retail - Grocery
Required Education: 4 Year Degree
Required Experience: At Least 3 Years
Required Travel: Negligible
Relocation Covered: No
Gap Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies under the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy brand names. We have world headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, product development offices in New York City and distribution operations and offices coordinating sourcing activities around the globe.

Digital Prodcution Artist will be:


Please reference AA-310022 or OW-CRBLDR or when applying. Thank you.

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For Rent Magazine


Location: US-AZ-Phoenix
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Art - Photography - Journalism
Required Education: Contact Company
Required Experience: Contact Company
Required Travel: Contact Company
Relocation Covered: No

PT 20-30hrs/wk possible future FT. Qualified applicants must have photography /digital exp, reliable vehicle, cstmr svc & organizational skills & work independantly. Excellent pay & benefits pkg Fax resume to 602-277-8868 [Click here for email]

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PCS Station, Inc.

Location: US-CA-Monterey Park
Base Pay: N/A
Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
Industry: Telecommunications
Job Type: Design
Required Education: 4 Year Degree
Required Experience: Less Than 1 Year
Required Travel: Negligible
Relocation Covered: No

Design and create graphics to meet companyıs specific commercial and promotional needs, such as technical feature introduction, product brochures, company profile, branch store introduction, company image and identity, trade marks, service marks and promotional logos. Apply computerized graphic design tools to design illustrations and presentations, color printing of new product catalogs, and copy layouts. Design graphics for companyıs web pages, using flash, photography, digital imaging and publishing. Redesign, update, edit and improve printed marketing materials based on feedbacks from customers.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design or Interior Design or its equivalent. Will accept 2 years of experience in lieu of required educational training.

Contact Information
Company: PCS Station, Inc.
Contact: Michael Lee

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ARTC 409 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott-Famularo - Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University.

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