ARTC 409 Fall 2004 Final Presentation Days

  Day One: Thursday, December 2
Section 1 - T/R 8:30 Section 2 - T/R 11:30
Beal, Christopher Aldrich, Jeremy
Brainard, Dan Bensman, Andrew
Murray, Nathan Borriello, Anthony
Nostrant, Lucas Hughes, Andrew
Perkins, Chris Tran, Vinh
  Vorst, Craig
  Wheeler, Garrett


Day Two: Thursday, December 9
Section 1 - T/R 8:30 Section 2 - T/R 11:30
Browne, Chris Debelak, Alan
Johnson, Bobby Jones, Rachel
McConville, Ian Manrow, Evan
McPeck, Patrick Schlegel, Angelia
Nelson, Kevay Schwab, Bryce
Reaves, Jessica Sigalet, Jordan
  Willford, Allison
  Woodard, W Brian

On your assigned presentation day, you must arrive 20 minutes early to class to prepare your work.

You may present:
- Video (VHS or DVD) (must be cued up and ready to go)
- Slides (must be loaded before class)
- Computer (internet, CDRom, DVD) (must be copied and tested on 1101 laptop prior to start of class)
- Prints / actual work (must be HUNG prior to class)



ARTC 409 is taught by Professor Heather Elliott Famularo - Digital Arts, Bowling Green State University.

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