Artc 409 Fall 2004
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott Famularo

Assignment #9: Reading in 3 parts and take-home quiz
DUE: Thursday, November 18

PART I: Reading #6 (Censorship, Contracts, Preparation)

Complete Reading #6:

- Restrictions on Artistic Expression: Obscenity , (Karlen, Peter )
- Artist Agreement/Contract
- Appendix 1: Photographing Your Work (Vitali)
- Appendix 2: Color and Black-and-White Slides (Vitali)

pages 123-131 from your Reading Packet
If you did not purchase a packet, you must XEROX it in the ARC, room #1024

*READ, and take notes. Remember to bring your physical printed readings to class or you will be counted as absent. Come to class prepared to discuss on Thursday, November 18 when this is DUE!

PART II: Internet Reading (Copyright Law)

PRINT AND READ: Go to the following URLs and print the following articles. Bring printouts to class.

1) Fair Use: Overview and Meaning for Higher Education

2) Fair-Use Checklist (available also as .pdf format)

Sources From: Indiana University Copyright Management Center

PART III: Handout - Reading (Copyright Law)

READ: The Handout: A Balancing Act: Copyright in the Electronic Age By Carol C. Henderson (also found online)

PART IV: Take Home Quiz

ANSWER the questions on the Take Home Quiz on Copyright. It will be collected and discussed on November 18.


1) No Class NEXT WEEK - Thursday, November 11 - Veterans Day!

2) Digital Arts JOB FAIR: Next Monday, November 8: ATTENDANCE AT THIS FAIR IS MANDATORY. You will need to write a summary of your experience.

3) Visiting Artist lecture: You are required to attend a minimum of ONE artist lecture or workshop during the semester. You will need to write a summary.

4) If you attend additional artist lectures or Career Services Events, you may hand in summaries for extra credit. Schedule of artists and events are listed on class website.

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