Artc 409 Fall 2004
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Assignment #8:

Part 1: Reading #5 - Creative Block, Artist Date
Due Next Class: Thursday, November 4

Complete Reading #5:
    - - The Artist Date, Chapter 8 from The Artist's Way (Hadden, Peggy)
    - Create for Your Inner Voice (Dougherty, Barbara)
    - On Creative Block from Essays on the Psychology of Creativity by Bruce Holly
    - The Mystery Buster!from Art Calendar by Jack White

Packet pages 108-122 from your Reading Packet
If you did not purchase a packet, you must XEROX it in the ARC, room #1024

*READ, and take notes. Remember to bring your physical printed readings to class or you will be counted as absent. Come to class prepared to discuss on Thursday, November 18 when this is DUE!

Part 2: The Artist Date
DUE next class: Thursday, November 4

Read about the artist date (p. 108 in the packet), then do one. Turn in a report about your date. This can be a description of what you did and what you learned (which must be typed) or a record in sketches and free form thoughts. If you choose the sketchbook option, turn in a clean xerox (not original) and clearly indicate what you did. You may also email me the assignment.

Part 3: Professional Packet

The final professional packet is not the final body of artwork. This packet is your presentation for a job, gallery, graduate school, etc. It includes the needed items for an application. Your packet MUST include:
  1. Artist Statement (General)
  2. Biography
  3. Resume
  4. Sample Cover Letter
  5. Other Visual Materials:
  6. (Optional) Miscellaneous:
The packet will be graded on its completeness, neatness, and professionalism. You must assume that I am an HR representative who views tons of professional, presentation packets. How will yours stand out in a positive way? How do you best represent yourself and your work? *This is what you would bring to an interview!

Part 4: Final Artwork Presentations
DUE: December 2 or 9

1) Prepare and present a final body of your artwork. This can be work towards your BFA exhibition, but think of it as a cohesive body that goes beyond the show and defines you as an artist. Your presentation should be professionally prepared, rehearsed, and last 10 minutes. You should be ready to speak intelligently about your artwork. Work must be ready prior to start of class - prints hung, videos cued, or files downloaded. This is not your professional packet.

2) Turn in an artist statement that SPECIFICALLY addresses this body of work. You will need to edit the general statement that you have been working on to fit this work, or create something totally new. Think of this as the statement that could be published with the work. Of course, this statement must be laser printed on good paper.

REMINDERS: NO CLASS ON THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11 (2 weeks), DUE TO VETERANS DAY. You must INSTEAD attend the Digital Arts, VCT, and Graphic Design Job Fair on MONDAY November 8.

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