Artc 409 Fall 2004
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Assignment #7: Research
DUE: THURSDAY, November 4 & November 18

Research: "Which Path and How?"

Now that we have discussed the various options for you in your future, Choose ONE of the "PATHS" that you may follow after you graduate.


  1. Graduate School : Research, record and submit -
    1. contact person / address
    2. type of program
    3. application and requirements
    4. portfolio limitations
    5. Application Due Date (if applicable).
    6. Other important specifics
  2. Industry / Job: Research, record and submit -
    1. contact person / address
    2. company name and department
    3. their specialties and clients
    4. materials needed for application
    5. Specific Job Title if they have openings listed
    6. Application Due Date (if applicable).
    7. Other important specifics
  3. Gallery or Museum: Research, record and submit -
    1. contact name
    2. gallery names
    3. submission process
    4. Application Due Date (if applicable).
    5. Other important specifics

You must submit ALL of the required information to get credit! EMAIL ME this information with the URLs by Thursday, November 4 so that I can put all of the resources on our class website.

Start here:
Grad School Research 2003

Job and Industry Research 2003

PART B: Then, for your written assignment, CHOOSE ONE of your researched POTENTIALS and type a report with the following sections:

  1. Paragraph describing the Information that you gathered (on the type of institution / company, etc.)
  2. Make a list of the materials you will need to send. For each, describe in detail. For example, "I will send my demo reel that is 3 minutes long, starting with "x" animation, followed by... " or a slide list, etc.
  3. Prepare a mock cover letter, a resume, and depending on what they ask for, a statement or biography. You may indicate the visual enclosures in cover letter, but there is no need to include them for this assignment.
*Graduate school candidates: Include an essay if they require it.

Bring in a FOLDER or ENVELOPE containing all of these items on THURSDAY, November 18 to be graded. They will not be sent, but I will be examining them for completeness and professionalism


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