ARTC 400 / ART 586, Fall 2004
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Project Guidelines
DUE: MONDAY, December 13, 3:30pm
100% finished and mastered to tape for exam time

Create a 3-6 minute video, content of your own choice. You may choose to experiment with form, content, or hopefully both. You may make an experimental piece, a narrative, a documentary, or a short essay piece. You may also create a video installation piece if you like. The only qualification is that it must be art.

Things to Consider:

Professional Proposal: You must write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. This must include:
1) your concept clearly stated
2) what type of shots and camera work
3) what your intention is with the piece (what you want the audience to think about with the piece)
4) details about the sound, editing, timing, and text if used.
It must be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. Bring the printout or email it by 11/23. I will give you feedback to help you toward your storyboard

Your script must include a paragraph describing your idea, and descriptions of the visual and aural sequence.

Your storyboard must contain the following:

  1. A Sketch of the shot
  2. Description of plot / action of story
  3. Transitions (dissolves, wipes, cuts, fades)
  4. Description of Camera work (i.e. close-up, pan, track, midshot, etc.)
  5. Soundtrack (description of narration, sound effects, non-diegetic sounds, etc.)
  6. TIMECODE: length of shot, overall time

** Your final grade will be comprised of grades based on meeting all of the deadlines and the thoroughness of the script and storyboard, so be sure to come to class prepared! The final is worth 100 points, so please take it seriously!

Tues, Nov 23: First Draft of Script for Final Project (typed) DUE;
Tues, Nov 30: Storyboard & Final Script DUE; Present to class - CRITIQUE.
Thurs, Dec 2: Rough Cuts DUE: Individual In-Progress Critiques
** In Class Final Exam on Media 100 skills and Screening recognition
Thurs, Dec 9: Rough Edits DUE: Small Group Critiques.
MON, Dec 13: FINAL CRITIQUE! Videos due, mastered to tape for 3:30-5:30pm Final Critique time.
Thurs, Dec 16: Video Art Final Mini-DV tapes due 4pm in box outside my door


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