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Specific Schools - MFA and MA Programs

Academy of Art College Alfred Art Center College of Design
Bowling Green State University California Institute of the Arts California State University, Hayward
California College of Arts and Crafts Clemson University Cornell University
Cranbrook Florida Atlantic Long Island University
Maryland Institute College of Art Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mississippi State University
Monash University
New York Institute of Technology
New York University
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
Rochester Institute of Technology
San Francisco Art Institute
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
Savannah College of Art and Design
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
School of Visual Arts
Simon Fraser University
Stanford University (Computer Graphics Laboratory)
Syracuse University
Université Laval
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia
University of California, Davis (Computer Graphics Group) University of California, San Diego
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Georgia University of Illinois at Chicago
University of New South Wales
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Victoria

Bachelor and Associate Programs

Academy of Art College:

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California College of Arts and Crafts - Program in Visual Criticism:

Phone: 1-800-447-1ART or1- 415-703-9523

The M.A. Program in Visual Criticism educates students about the contemporary world of visual images and objects so that they may engage that world through critical and creative writings. The program is designed for students who have an interest in visual arts, design, and culture and are primarily committed to refining their critical consciousness and writing.

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California Institute of the Arts:

Phone: 1-805-255-1050, ext 2185

The program encourages individuals to experiment in hybrid forms, and to stretch their ideas of the possible, or of the permissible. All graduate students have private studios, and are expected to use them, in consultation with a faculty of working artists, to create a distinct body of work during their residency.

Research Areas: Painting; Drawing: Sculpture: Installation: Video: Post-Studio: Performance; Photography: Hybrid Forms; Printmaking; Integrated Media; Writing

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Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology:


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Mesmer Animation Labs
Various training-style courses in game art offered. More info requested.

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Monash University:


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New York University:
Interactive Telecommunications
  1. The six-page application form with your signature (on page 18 of the application booklet).
  2. The personal statement submitted in hard copy. The statement should examine in approximately 1,000 words (four pages, typed, double-spaced) aspects of your character that distinguish you as an individual. Please address the following points:
    1. Why do you want to join ITP?
    2. Our program is highly collaborative: what in your background, discipline, and/or art do you feel will contribute to ITP's vitality and imagination in the search for new communication forms?
  3. The resume should be submitted in hard copy. Please list your educational background and any work experience whether multimedia related or not.
  4. All official transcripts (official transcripts in a sealed envelope are required). If official transcripts are impossible to obtain by the application deadline, we will accept photocopies of transcripts or transcripts issued directly, provided the document in question shows the seal and address of the institution and an official signature of the registrar. Official transcripts may be sent separately from the application package if necessary.
  5. $60 application fee.
  6. The Applicant Notification Card (or sheet, if application is downloaded from the Web).
  7. The Student Profile Card (or sheet).
  8. Portfolio (optional): If you wish to send a portfolio, please prepare the following:
    1. A hard copy version of instructions for viewing the portfolio, a list of contents, and the applicant's role in the production of the portfolio.
    2. We ask that applicants limit the creative work to just one of the following formats:
      1. Zip disk (Mac, PC, or Mac/PC)
      2. CD-ROM (Mac, PC, or Mac/PC)
      3. Video. Limit: one tape. Format: VHS (NTSC) or DV. No more than three segments edited to a combined total of no more than 20 minutes.
      4. URLs. Limit: Three. Provide a list of required plugins or technical specifications. Please check very carefully that all links are working properly.
      5. Slides. Limit: no more than 20 slides inserted in a single plastic slide sheet. Do not submit a slide carousel.
      6. Print. Laser copies, photographs, portfolio book. Do not exceed 11" x 14" dimensions.
      7. Writing Samples. Limit: No more than 20 pages.
      8. Audiotapes or CDs.
    3. Creative Portfolio Contents Guide Sheet (see page 19).
    4. Creative Materials Received Card (or sheet).
    5. A self-addressed, stamped envelope (if you want your creative materials returned).

Center for Advanced Digital Applications

Deadline: June 1st

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Ohio State University - Art and Technology:


Ohio State University Graduate Admissions

Art and Technology Department:       |       Art and Technology courses

Resources available to the school:
New Media Robotics Laboratory    |     Holography Laboratory    |     Wexner Center for the Arts    |     Media Arts & Culture Colloquium

Application Information
Graduate Application (PDF format)

Who to contact for Art and Technology Program or ACCAD: Midori Kitagawa,

phone: 614-292-5072

Fellowships: Yes.

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Ohio University

School of Film (MA and MFA)

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San Francisco Art Institute

Phone: 1-415-771-7020

The goal of San Francisco Art Institute's MFA Program is to help students develop an independent body of work to be pursued throughout their lives. Students may enroll in the MFA Program through the following disciplines: Filmmaking, New Genres, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture.


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San Francisco State University - Art and Art History

Phone: 1-415-338-2234

Two graduate programs are offered--an M.A. with an emphasis in Art History and an M.F.A. in Studio Arts. The three-year professional M.F.A. curriculum is an integrated course of study across a spectrum of studio arts and their adjunct fields of theory, history, and criticism. The M.A. prepares students for doctoral studies and for careers in galleries, museums, and other community institutions. Specializations are available primarily in modern and contemporary--including feminist--art, a variety of Western European topics, and the arts of Africa, the Pacific, and Native Americas, including the Caribbean.

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San Jose State University
Phone: 1-408-924-4346

Degrees Offered:
M.A. - Art
M.F.A. - Art, Concentration in Computers in Fine Art, Photography, Pictorial Arts, or Spatial Arts

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The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Graduate Programs and Resources

Art and Technology Studies Department       |       Art and Technology courses
Film, Video and New Media Department       |       Film, Video, and New Media courses
Visual Communication Department       |       Visual Communication courses

Resources available to the school: The Art Institute of Chicago

Prerequisites for Graduate Programs
Master of Fine Arts: Application to the MFA in studio and writing programs is open to students who have already earned (or who will soon complete) a bachelor's degree with a strong concentration in the area they wish to enter on the graduate level.

Admissions Requirements

Deadline: Jan 10, 2004

Who to contact for Art and Technology Studies: Tiffany Holmes,

Fellowship: Highly Competitive

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Simon Fraser University- School for the Contemporary Arts

Phone: 1-604-291-3724

The MFA Program provides advanced professional training for artists in dance, film, music, theatre and visual art. Designed to emphasize the close relationships between art forms, the MFA program is dedicated to fostering creativity through interdisciplinary explorations, studio training and the integration of new technoologies in the fine and performing arts. Successful applicants typically have an undergraduate degree, substantial training in at least one art discipline, evidence of an active art practice, and a clear interest in interdiciplinary experimentation and the interrelationships among the arts.

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Syracuse University

School of Art and Design

Office of Graduate Student Services
204 Crouse College
College of Visual and Performing Arts
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1010
(315) 443-3089

Graduate Admissions

Candidates for admission to the illustration program are expected to give evidence of superior accomplishment and potential. Illustrators find opportunities in a wide variety of markets including book jackets and story art; periodicals; children's books; editorial magazines; advertising; greeting cards; graphic novels; animation; and storyboarding for TV, videos, and movies. Traditional illustrator's drawing and painting skills may be combined with electronic media to expand potential avenues of visual communication.

DEADLINES: Students applying for University Fellowships must complete the application process, including samples of strong academic writing, by December 1. Those applying for graduate assistantships must complete the application process by March 1. All other applications are reviewed beginning March 1, but will be accepted beyond that date.

Computer Art Program

Deadline: December 1st

Art Media Studies
Deadline (projected) January 10, 2004

Entrance exams are not required, but applicants must submit a portfolio. A personal interview with the program head is required for students seeking assistantship or fellowship support. A residence of three years is normally required to complete the program.

Portfolios should be sent no later than December 1 for all applicants applying for University fellowships, and March 1 for all other applicants.

Portfolios will be reviewed by the departmental faculty committee of the appropriate program. Do not send the portfolio to the Graduate School. A self-addressed stamped envelope must be included for the return of submitted work mailed from within the United States. Portfolios mailed from outside the United States will be returned if an International Reply Coupon is included. International Reply Coupons are sold at post offices in member countries of the Universal Postal Union. While care will be exercised to ensure their safe return, the college cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage.

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University of Alberta - Department of Art and Design

Phone: 1-780-492-5712

Programs leading to the MFA degree are designed to provide advanced studies in painting, sculpture, or printmaking

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University of British Columbia - Faculty of Graduate Studies

Phone: 1-604-822-2848

MFA with a focus on painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

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University of California, San Diego - Department of Visual Arts:

Phone: 1-858-534-2862
areas of specialization include painting, sculpture/installation, computing, film/video, photography, performance, and criticism.

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University of Illinois at Chicago

UIC Graduate College

Art and Design Department

Photo/Film/Electronic Media Department Paths of Study: Photography, Film/Animation/Video, & Electronic Visualization

Studio Arts Department Paths of Study: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, & New Genre

Courses:       |

Resources available to the school: Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL)

Graduate Application (PDF/web/request)
Deadline: Dec. 15 for Fellowship, February 1 for general

Program contact:
phone: (312) 413-2550

Fellowships: Yes.

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Université Laval - Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Visual Arts

Phone: 1-418-656-2764 / 1-877-785-2825

Degrees Offered: M.A.- Maitrise en arts visuels (design graphique et multimedia)

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University of New South Wales


Application deadline- Semester 1: November 15 | Semester2: May 15

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University of Victoria- Visual Arts

Phone: 1-250-472-4657

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Art Center College of Design:

The MDP at Art Center is a graduate M.F.A. program for transmedia design, combining interactive and digital media, as well as more traditional forms. The MDP develops professional design practice in the context of diverse media technologies.

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Mississippi State University:

The Department of Art offers graduate work leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Visualization. The MFA is a 60 hour terminal degree with an emphasis in either Computer Animation or Multimedia.

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Pratt Institute:

Department: Pratt Computer Graphics and Interactive Media
M.F.A. Computer Graphics and Interactive Media

CGIM has as its main goal the development of the individual as a practicing artist employing digital technology in the pursuit of artistic excellence. Both the BFA and MFA programs are comprised of four general tracks:

Application requirements:
- Application
- February 1 Deadline
- $40 application fee
- Official transcript
- Three letters of recommendation from employers, professors, or others able to judge the applicant's technical potential for graduate study in the specific program in sealed envelopes signed by sender across the envelope flap. These should be submitted with the other documents and application if possible.
- A statement of purpose giving your long-range goals and your reason for applying to Pratt Institute for advanced study.
- Portfolio
    - A portfolio of 12-15 slides or 8.5" x 11" prints is required. In addition to the slides or prints, VHS tapes may be offered. CD-ROMs may be offered only if their content is also offered on a VHS tape. No other media will be accepted. Work may be either analog (traditional) or digital, or both.
- Interview (recommended) Download Application

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Rhode Island School of Design:

The curriculum of this two-year digital arts program is currently being defined. Expanding on a media art focus, the vision of the department is to provide a diverse environment for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exploration of digital media.

Graduate Admissions Office
Two College Street
Providence, RI 02903-2791
Tel.: 401 454-6300 or 800 364-7473
Fax: 401 454-6309

Online Application

Application Fee: $45 nonrefundable. If you have applied to the graduate program within the last two years and are reapplying, the fee is $30.

Graduate Application Deadline: January 21

Notification of Admission: Decisions will be mailed on or before March 24.

You must submit official transcripts (displaying the registrar's signature and school seal) of all undergraduate and/or graduate study indicating satisfactory completion or evidence of anticipated completion of an undergraduate degree program from an accredited college or university.

Digital Media : Your portfolio should consist of 20 slides in analog or digital form. You may also include a CD or DVD of interactive work, a list of URL's and/or a 10 minute video of excerpts of video works.

Statement of Purpose Applicants must submit a written statement outlining their interest in graduate study (500-750 words).

Art Education: MA applicants are asked to address each of the following:
1) What are the reasons for your selection of a particular program strand?
2) Describe the skills, knowledge, and experiences you have in this area that you will bring to your graduate studies.
3) Describe two areas of interest related to your program strand that might be developed as thesis research topics.
4) Describe how an MA in Art Education fits into your professional career plans.

Letters of Recommendation: three sent to the Graduate Admissions Office from people familiar with their professional or scholastic work. The letters are required and must be written on the forms enclosed.

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Results from the Graduate Record Examination are not required, but MA, MAT and MLA candidates are encouraged to submit their scores.

Return Postage Return postage is required if you wish to have your portfolio returned First Class. In the case of slide portfolios, send a self-addressed manila envelope or mailer with the correct amount of postage. International students should send postal coupons to cover return postage. Portfolios will be returned before May 15.

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School of Visual Arts: NY, NY

SVA's MFA Computer Art program, the first of its kind in the United States, is constantly being redefined as our faculty and students discover new creative venues for today's technology. The faculty is a who's who of computer artists in New York, composed of recognized professionals and internationally renowned artists.

Please contact us at: 212.592.2532


Photography and Related Media
Applicants may submit videotapes, computer media, Web site URLs and/or 20 high-quality slides.

As an innovative leader in teaching creative lens-based arts, our focus is to challenge traditional assumptions of how the mediums of photography and video are taught. We believe that photography is a universal matrix for the documentation of the world. The relationships between photography and the fine arts, communications, sciences and the humanities are pervasive fact of 21st-century culture. Original imagery stems from the exploration of these relationships and it is this quest that we cultivate. - Charles H. Traub, chair