Artc 409 Fall 2003
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Assignment #6:
DUE: THURSDAY, November 6 & November 20

Research: "Which Path and How?"

Choose ONE of these "PATHS" that you may follow after you graduate:
  1. Graduate School* : (Find contacts, type of program, application and requirements, portfolio limitations, etc.)
  2. Industry / Job: (Find contacts, company names, their specialties and clients, materials needed for app, etc.)
  3. Gallery or Museum: (Find contacts, gallery names, submission process, type of work shown there, etc.)


Find out:
  1. What SPECIFIC materials they request and in what format (be as detailed as possible)
  2. Application Due Date (if applicable).
EMAIL ME this information with the URLs so that I can put all of the resources on our class website by THURSDAY, November 6

Start here: Grad School Research 2002

PART B. Then, for your written assignment, CHOOSE ONE of your researched POTENTIALS and type a report with the following sections:

  1. Paragraph describing the Information that you gathered (on the type of institution / company, etc.)
  2. Make a list of the materials you will need to send. For each, describe in detail. For example, "I will send my demo reel that is 3 minutes long, starting with "x" animation, followed by... " or a slide list, etc.
  3. Prepare a mock letter, a resume, and depending on what they ask for, a statement or biography. You may indicate the visual enclosures in cover letter, but there is no need to include them for this assignment.
*Graduate school candidates: Include an essay if they require it.

Bring in a FOLDER or ENVELOPE containing all of these items on THURSDAY, November 20 to be graded.


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