ARTC 400 / ART 586, Fall 2003
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Research for Image Stream Exhibition at Wexner Center,
DUE: SATURDAY, October 25 - bring with you on field trip

On Saturday, October 25 we will take a field trip to view the Image Stream Film & Video Exhibition. To prepare for this, I am providing this brief background information and giving this short research assignment, due Saturday.

Each of you is to search the web for more information on one of these artists and this particular artwork (if you can find it). Example research may be but is not limited to:
- artist Bio
- artist statement / background on the piece
- Curator / Critic review
- Info on other works that may be related or help us to better understand the artist.

Print out the information and bring it to the exhibition. You will be responsible to provide extra insight and information on your assigned artist.

Ataman - Jacob, Kevin
Barney - Vince, Lucas
Dean - Kristin, Sam
Fraser - Jessica
Huyghe - Phil, Matt
Jordan - Rachel, Nathan
Moffett - Jim, Brian
Simpson - Greg, Donald

Go to the Image Stream website:

Image Stream News Release


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