ARTC 400 / ART 586, Fall 2003
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Final Video Requirements / Check Sheet
DUE: Thursday, Dec 18 at 3:30pm
(prior to Class Final Critique)

The following are the requirements for the Final Reel for Digital Video Art. You must create one final mini-DV or S-VHS tape with all of your semesteršs work to be handed in at the critique on Thursday, Dec 18 at 3:30pm. Have the tape cued to your final project.

Your Name :                                    

Project # Title Length changed?
1   : Y     N
2   : Y     N
3   : Y     N
4 doc.   : new
final   : new
Any comments?:


** The documentation for Project 4 should be the same for all collaborators. It must include footage of the piece installed, and may include samples of the video used in the project as well. It will be graded on its professionalism and ability to accurately document the piece.

** Make the whole tape flow as a whole. Keep the TITLE FONTS READABLE! Be consistent!


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