ARTC 400 / ART 586, Fall 2003
Digital Video Art
Heather Elliott-Famularo

Project #3:

DUE: THURSDAY, October 23

Appropriate: To take possession of or make use of exclusively for oneself, often without permission; to acquire

Public Domain: The total absence of copyright protection. If something is "in the public domain" then anyone can copy it or use it in any way they wish. The original author has none of the exclusive rights. These include:

  • originally non-copyrightable
  • expired copyright (pre-1928)
  • authored by the Federal Government
  • specifically granted to the Public Domain

Copyright: © The exclusive rights of the owner of the copyright on a work to make and distribute copies, prepare derivative works, and perform and display the works in public.

Duration of Copyright:
Before 1978: expires 70 years from date of publication (pre-1933 = OK)
After 1978: 70 years after death of author (individually owned)
See: When Works Pass Into the Public Domain for more detail.

Proper syntax is: © 2000 Jane Doe or copyright 2000 Jane Doe (you should put this on your artwork)

Create a 2-5 minute video utilizing Found Footage (appropriated audio, video, or both). You may also include some audio/video that you have shot yourself.

Video artists have frequently appropriated footage and incorporated it in their own work. Many have used this to make a commentary, some have done if strictly for its visual form. You may do either, but ideally should do both! Some examples we have seen in class:

Your assignment is to gather video and audio footage and re-edit it in a new and different way. This piece should be a commentary, criticism, or parody of the subject you are interested in.

Check out these websites with Appropriation and Parody.

Professional Proposal:
You must write a professional, well-written Project Proposal. This must include: your concept clearly stated, what type of footage you intend to use, why you chose that footage, what your intention is with the piece (what you want the audience to think about with the piece), details about the sound, editing, timing, and text if used. It can be in paragraph form, spell checked, grammar checked, and typed. Bring the printout or email it by 10/14


Tuesday, October 7: Screening 4
Thursday, October 9: NO CLASS - FALL BREAK
Tuesday, October 14 Field Trip to Toledo Lucas County Public Library;
Project #3 Proposal Due!
Thursday, October 16: Visiting Artist - Patrick Lichty
Reading #6 Due!
Thursday, October 23: PROJECT #3: DUE cued and ready to show on mini-DV or VHS tape.
*NOTE: Works not 100% functioning and ready will be reduced one grade for each day not ready / late.


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