N-Space Contributing Artists

Tina Bell Vance     Heroine In Peril
Lyn Bishop      Gesture IV
Lyn Bishop      Gesture V
Gloria DeFillips Brush 7369
Petra Evers*     Rebirth Of the Voo Doo Child
Michael Field     Hellfire III
John Fillwalk     Intercere II
Philip George*     White Water
Philip George     Water Works
Harvey Goldman     Courage
Melissa Harshman     A Piece Of The Pie
Melissa Harshman     Breast Stroke
David Haxton     Oculadders
Eric Heller *     Exponential
Eric Heller      Transport II
Eric Heller      Transport III
Eric Heller      Transport VI
Jean Pierre Hebert     Mount Tai
Jean Pierre Hebert     Shandong Mountains
Gital Hashemi      Of Shifting Shadows
Ken Huff      Six Part Pattern Series: 2000.6
Yelena Ilkanayev     Chelovechki-01
Robert Krawkczyk     Curving Spirals
Jessica Maloney*     Disoriented but Not Confused
Jessica Maloney     Ask yourself
Jessica Maloney     Undefined
Leslie Nobler Farber*    Used Chambers
Ken Oberheu*     Tentacular Continuum
Steven Ramsey     Octoboy
Steven Ramsey     Gatorman
Michael O'Rourke     Forehead
Naomi Ribner     If These Walls Could Talk
Naomi Ribner     Ghost Town Artifacts
Kyle Riedel*     Intersections
Cynthia Rubin     Old House In The Shadow Of A Castle
Karin Schminke *    Xcrossings: Tidal Pools
Leslie Sobel     Sarah Dancing Reflections
Akiko Tohma*     What Noh Masks Whisper To Us
Hiroko Uchiyama*     RT III
Anna Ursyn     Moonlit Manifestation
James Faure Walker    F-G And The Iron Works of Film
Hye Jin Yoo     Overgrown ___/Artificiality
Jason Zimmerman     Manufactured Existence: The Remains