Artc 409 Fall 2002
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott

Assignment #5:
DUE: Thursday, October 24

PART I: Reading #4 - Juried Shows, Government Opportunities, Grants
Due: Thursday, October 24

Complete Reading #4:

Packet pages 76-107 on BGSU ERes - Electronic Reserve
- You Be the Judge (Myers, Dorothy Roatz)
- Chap 8: New Government Opportunities (Hadden, Peggy)
- Chap 7: Corporate Support for the Arts (Hadden, Peggy)
- Chap 8: Grants for Individuals and Special Projects (Vitali)
- Chap 12: Proposals: Best Foot Forward (Hadden, Peggy)

READ and COMPREHEND. Come to class prepared to discuss on Thursday, October 24 when this is DUE!

PART II: Artist Statement and Biography v.2
DUE: Thursday, October 24

Complete the SECOND DRAFT of your Artist Statement and Biography

PART III: Critique: SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery N-Space
DUE THURSDAY, October 24

Visit the N-Space Show. Choose one of the works and write a thorough (minimum of three paragraph) critique of the work. (this should be at least a page long, single spaced). Be sure to include a:

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