Artc 409 Fall 2002
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott

Assignment #5:
Various Deadlines

PART I: Resume and Cover Letter v.2
DUE: Thursday, October 17

Complete the SECOND DRAFT of your Resume & Cover Letter

PART II: Reading: SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery N-Space
DUE: Thursday, October 17

Selections from the SIGGRAPH 2001 Art Gallery N-Space will be exhibited in our own Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery. We will tour the gallery as a class. In preparation, read the intro statement and artist statements found on the website:

Here is the list of contributing artists.

PART III: Research: "Which Path and How?"
DUE THURSDAY, October 31

Choose ONE of these "PATHS" that you may follow after you graduate:
  1. Graduate School*: (Find contacts, type of program, application and requirements, portfolio limitations, etc.)
  2. Industry / Job: (Find contacts, company names, their specialties and clients, materials needed for app, etc.)
  3. Gallery or Museum: (Find contacts, gallery names, submission process, type of work shown there, etc.)

RESEARCH and FIND THREE "POTENTIALS" on the web. Find out:

  1. What materials they request and in what format and
  2. The Application Due Date (if applicable).
EMAIL ME the URLS so that I can put all of the resources on our class website by Thursday, October 31

Results of Graduate School Research

Results of Job Research

Then, for your written assignment, CHOOSE ONE of your researched POTENTIALS and type a report with the following sections:
  1. Paragraph describing the Information that you gathered (on the type of institution/ company, etc.)
  2. Describe the materials you will need to send. For each, describe in detail. For example, a demo reel that is 3 minutes long, starting with "x" animation, followed byŠ..
  3. III. Prepare a mock letter, a resume, and depending on what they ask for, a statement or biography. You may indicate visual enclosures in cover letter, no need to include them for this assignment.
*Graduate school candidates: Include an essay if they require it.

PART IV: Enter A Juried Show / Festival


Upcoming Art Exhibition Links

Upcoming Film Festival Links

PART B: DUE THURSDAY, November 7 You will be graded on the professionalism and completeness of this packet.
You do NOT need to actually mail this, but after all this work, you should really consider doing so!


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