Artc 409 Fall 2002
Professional Practices
Heather Elliott

Assignment #4:
DUE: THURSDAY, October 3

Part 1: Reading #3 - Life as an Artist

Complete READING #3: p. 43-75 on BGSU ERes - Electronic Reserve
- Knowing When to Become, Not Become, or Stop Being a Full-Time Artist (Salandino, Tony)
- Chap 15: Making your Day Job Work for you (Hadden, Peggy)
- Let's Talk About Selling Your Work (Hadden, Peggy)
- Chap 3: Selling Your Work to a Museum (Hadden, Peggy)
- Nonprofit Alternative Spaces - the National Association of Artist Organizations (Vitali)

* READ and COMPREHEND. Come to class prepared to talk about it on Thursday, October 3 when this is DUE!


Choose TWO (2) of your own, different artworks. Based on the reading, price these works for sale in a gallery. Consider how many "duplicates" you could or will make (a painting vs. a print, etc.). Remember that if it is 1 of 1 it is more valuable than 1 of an edition of 200. Use the Pragmatic Pricing Strategy and follow the following directions:
  1. Describe the work.
  2. How many editions will you limit it to?
  3. How much time is spent creating the work?
    • List each step of the process from conceptualization to finished product
    • Count the hours spent on each step (approximate).
    • Calculate an hourly wage. The rate could vary depending on skill. (i.e. 1/4 price for render time)
    • Multiply the hours x rate to get the total cost
  4. List materials, labor, and overhead costs.
  5. Consider the sales commission. **THIS GALLERY TAKES 40%
  6. If you make work that is time-based such as animation or web art, can you come up with a unique selling strategy that is suitable for that medium?
Compile ALL of this information in a neatly and professionally (i.e. typed). Email it to me or bring it into class on Thursday.

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