Artc331 HTML Midterm - Study Guide

Exam Date: TUESDAY, October 15

This exam will be a hands-on exam where you will have to build an HTML file containing the information on this page. You will be shown a sample page on the screen that you will have to duplicate. You will need to memorize the tags (if you don't know them already), since you will be using BBEdit or SimpleText for the creation of the page.

Concepts you must define and understand:

URL (Uniform Research Locator) - Absolute vs. Relative:
    ABSOLUTE = entire path name
      Use if going to another site

     RELATIVE = location with reference to the current URL

Why must we call our main page "index.html"?

What are the differences between a JPEG and GIF image?

Why do we Optimize images in ImageReady? (You will need to demonstrate this).

Why does "slicing" an image in ImageReady do?

Things you need to be able to create in an HTML file:

  1. Set up the page: <HEAD> <TITLE> <BODY>

  2. Create a Header: <H3>

  3. Create a Horizontal Rule <HR> with attributes - width="n%" align="direction"

  4. Use the <BR> <P> tags

  5. <FONT> tag with attributes: FACE="fontname1" size="n" color="nameofcolor"

  6. Other text tags: <B> <I> <U>

  7. Things to set up your page in the <BODY> tag:

  8. <CENTER> elements on a page


  10. LINKS: <A HREF=""> and attributes:

  11. TABLES: (attributes)

  12. Web Images: <IMG SRC="name.gif" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=100 ALT="" BORDER=0>

  13. Sound: <EMBED SRC="sound.wav"   AUTOSTART="TRUE"   LOOP="TRUE"   HIDDEN="TRUE"> OR
    <BGSOUND="sound.wav"   LOOP=infinite>    For Internet Explorer Only

Don't forget to close all of your tags too!

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