ARTC 331 Take Home Quiz
Reading 2 - Chapter 6 from Postmodern Currents

Please complete the following quiz. You will discuss this article with Greg Little tomorrow, Tuesday 9/17.

Complete this and hand it in at the start of class on Thursday 9/19. You will be graded.

You may EMAIL me or hand in a neatly written page.

***HINT: Use the class discussion as a way to find the answers!

  1. According to the author, how is the internet a different medium than TV?

  2. Describe the idea of a "new medium of art as communication". What is communicated and how is it different?

  3. Interactive systems...replace conceptual systems founded on ideas of center, margin, heirarchy, and linearity. How does this concept / system change the dissemination of knowledge? Describe this new system and how it is different.

  4. How does Roy Ascott describe the difference in communication and experiences in interactive communities?

  5. What role(s) do artists lay in interactive telecommunication systems, according to the author?

  6. According to Sherrie Rabinowitz, what are the implications of the new technological conditions and their effect on artist and the concept of Public Art?

  7. What are three of the limitations of creating Visual Works on the web? What are some of the advantages?

  8. What does the WWW offer to museums? What does it take away?

  9. Compare and contrast Baudrillard's and Deluze & Guattari's ideas about technology. Where do YOU stand on this issue?

  10. How had technology advanced since this book was written in Nov 1996? Give an example of some thing that was not possible than that is possible now (In web technology).

  11. Choose one of the artworks mentioned in this chapter - the one you are most interested in technologically or conceptually. Search the web for more information on this artwork and write a brief paragraph giving more detail on 1-the users' experience, 2-the technology utilized, 3-Provide three (3) links to more info on the web.

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