Brainstorming Results for Project 2:

1. Social evolution--individual dignity \ privacy 
           -lose of privacy
2.  Social Control
           -how people respond when the are being watched
-Panopticon theory
4.  Technologies
           -"macro level"\ broad scale networks controlling small but powerful technologies
           -Digital persona's  tainted 
           -Anonymity Online Persona's alter\ misrepresentations is possible
                      -web Cams
                      -Control objects over distance
                      -Weather \ Traffic updates instantly
-Fill out form
                      -search hard drives
-Online shopping \ banking \ Commerce
-Stolen digital information \ persona
           -Cash-less society
-EZ pass automatic tracking
                      -Virtual Reality
-Spy Satellites \ Commercial spy satellites
                      -Smart Bombs
                      -Privatization of the technologies
                      -Medical Technology
-Films "Gattaca", "Minority Report", "The Giver", "Enemy of the State", "Sliver"."Cape Fear", "The Net",
5.  Reality Television
           -Real World
-Sorority Life
           -Road Rules
           -Fear Factor
           -The Osbornes
                      -Fantasy vs. Reality
                      -desensitized to "fake" recreated versions
                      -Passive Participation
                      -Manufactured Public Space vs. Real Space
6.  Control
           -Passive vs. Active
           -FCC Regulations                      
           -Layers of Advertising
           -Legal and Illegal Web Activity
           -CCTV "public space" Controlled
           -Speed of Data transmission
           -Rate of Technological innovation
7.  Dystopia vs. Utopia 
           -Physical enforcement vs. Passive compliance