ARTC331, Fall 2002
Intermediate Interactive Art
Heather Elliott

End Of Semester BONUS Opportunity

Design an Intro Page for one of your class' projects

DUE: TUESDAY, December 17, 9am

Email Me a message indicating WHICH project you'd like to create the page for and the idea for the page by FRIDAY, December 13, 4PM.

If you are not satisfied with your grade and are looking for a way to raise it, I'd like to offer you an opportunity to improve your grade with a bonus assignment.

In lieu of the current boring tables with names and links, I'd like to have well-designed intro pages for each assignment. These could include imagery, rollovers, flash... anything! They could somehow conceptually convey the theme of the assignment and give a peak at the classes' final interpretations of those assignments. Multiple submissions can be made. You can download the source code from the existing link pages to get URLs, names, and titles.

So submit proposals for:

  1. Intro page for student Portfolios (needs 16 links, one per student and back to Main)
  2. Intro page for Project 2 - Surveillance (needs 5 links, one per group and back to Main)
  3. Intro page for Project 3 - What sells? (needs 15 links, one per student and back to Main)
  4. Intro page for Finals (needs 15 links, one per student and back to Main)

Email me your ideas, but remember your first priority must be your Final and second, your updated portfolio... again, Your FINAL PROJECT GRADE is counted double (100 points). Your updated Portfolio counts only 1/2 (25 points). So put your primary emphasis on the Final Project.

If your page is selected, you will be able to raise the grade on one of your projects. Percentage of increase depends on quality of work, but will at a minimum raise one assignment grade by one full letter grade. Good submissions that are not selected for the final Artc331 website will still raise one of your project grades.

To create the pages, simply:

  1. Go to the OLD main page in Explorer or Netscape
  2. View > Source and copy all the code.
  3. Open BBEdit and create a new document.
  4. Paste the code. This will give you all of the links you will need for the page.



FTP the files in a folder, YOURLOGIN, into the students/bonus folder on digitalarts by the deadline to be considered. They must be fully functioning.

Email the idea to By 4pm FRIDAY. If I get multiple requests for the same page, I will let those people know so they have the option to choose another so as to not compete.

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