ARTC 331, Fall 2002
Intermediate Interactive Art

Project #3:
What Sells?

DUE: THURSDAY, November 21

See How Flash Sells!

ad-ver-tise-ment (dvr-tzmnt, d-vrts-, -tz-) n. Abbr. adv., advt.
     1.The act of advertising.      2.A notice, such as a poster, newspaper display, or paid announcement in the electronic media, designed to attract public attention or patronage.

con-sum-er (kn-smr) n.
     1.One that consumes, especially one that acquires goods or services for direct use or ownership rather than for resale or use in production and manufacturing. Often used to modify another noun: consumer questionnaires; consumer products.


We are barraged daily with infinite amounts of advertising. Companies and organizations spend millions trying to convince us that their product is best, that we should make an investment in, or purchase their "thing". Nike, Coca-Cola, and Sony obviously try to sell us their products, but what about political parties, religions, and other organizations such as Greenpeace or the Red Cross, or even the MEDIA? Here they are selling not a physical product, but rather an ideal or value. As educated consumers, we must be aware that "advertising" is constantly surrounding us, in ALL aspects of our life. Whatever the "product" is, there is someone out there trying to sell it, and someone out there who desires it. What do you want to sell? How do you sell it?

Create a Flash site that advertises a concept or ideal that you would like to "sell". You could invent a virtual product(s) to REPRESENT that concept. That product can be an actual item, an idea or concept, or a spoof on an existing product, but if it is an object, it must only be a representative for the concept you are trying to sell.

Now imagine the audience you'd like to sell that product to. What do they want? How do you sell it to them? What strategies can you utilize on your site that will emphasize these ideas? What design, color scheme, layout, interactivity, etc. best sell that product? HOW DO YOU SUCK THE CONSUMER IN? HOW DO YOU MAKE THEM WANT YOUR PRODUCT / BELIEVE YOUR CONCEPT?

The function of the piece should be to convincingly sell your concept, but the stylistic design to is up to you. The piece should be creatively designed with special attention paid to the use of color, the arrangement of elements, the alignment of images, the use of graphics, and the creative idea. In your design you may consider the use of rollovers, transparency, sound, and animation. You should create a logo for your product and keep a consistent theme through all of the pages

Technical Requirements:

Research Homework: DUE Tuesday, November 5

Find 5 really EXCITING, DYNAMIC Flash sites on the web. You can use this list as a start.

1) Copy the URL and Name/Company of the site

2) Write a paragraph critiquing the design. Why is it good? What makes it user friendly? Talk about the design (color, line, composition, etc.), interactivity and animation aspects of the site. Make sure it is well-written with correct grammar, etc.

3) Also consider how well it SELLS the product, if it has one. Write a paragraph on this as well.

4) So I can post the results: Email me the results prior to start of class.

Proposal: DUE Thursday, November 7

Type a well-written project proposal for Project #3. Make sure you list What Concept you are going to sell, WHO specifically your audience is, and How you are going to sell it.

Talk about what type of design (color scheme, style, etc.) you will incorporate as well.

Email me your proposals prior to start of class. We will bring our ideas to class for group discussion.


Project 3 Due:

THURSDAY, November 21

FTP your files to your folder in the sales folder. We will critique the final websites in class.

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