ARTC 331, Fall 2002
Intermediate Interactive Art
T/R 2:30-4:50pm

Project #1:
Artist Portfolio



Create a WWW portfolio that has a main page that links to a page for links to your future websites and at least 3 other pages. The function of the piece should be self-promotional but the stylistic design to is up to you. The piece should be creatively designed with special attention paid to the use of color, the arrangement of the elements, the alignment of the images, the use of graphics, and the creative idea. In your design you may consider the use of imagemaps, tables, rollovers, and transparent backgrounds. You should create small thumb nail images of your work and allow the user to click to see a larger version of the work. You should include text such as title, medium, size, print technology, concept description, etc. for each piece.

On Tuesday, September 3 I will authorize you (if you aren't already) on the Digital Camera so that you may document work that can't otherwise be documented (i.e. sculpture, prints, etc.). It's cheaper and faster than slides.

NOTE: If you are going home this weekend for the LABOR DAY HOLIDAY, this is a good time to gather your art!

Part 1 Due: Thursday, September 5:

Create a hierarchy chart outlining how you will organize your portfolio. Each box on the chart should represent a WWW page and should have the corresponding file name listed.

Pages you may want to include: Main page, table of contents, resume, Page of links (to other sites you have created / will be creating, pages you're interested in, etc.), Sections of types of artwork (you may divide it up how you see fit, (i.e. Drawings, Paintings, Digital Images, 3D models, Animation, Digital Video, Installations, Sculpture - and then subdivisions if necessary), Artist Statement, photo of yourself, etc.

Be sure to include a section in your portfolio that will be devoted to your Web Art. You will produce three additional web pieces in this class, and the gallery should have a (now blank) page with links to later be made to those pages.

DON'T include things that could incriminate you or irrelevant material (most employers don't need to know that you hang out at the local bar every night and have 4 siblings). Remember, BE PROFESSIONAL, but DO express yourself!

Part 2 Due: Tuesday, September 10:

Email me a list of all of the contents of your portfolio (i.e. which paintings, digital images, quicktimes, etc. with title, year created, medium, etc. you will include).

Standard Format: Title, year
  Medium, size

Part 3 Due: Thursday, September 19:

Have images of all your artwork (from list above) ready. You will need a larger JPG (not more than 640 pixels wide / 480 pixels high, 72dpi) and a small thumbnail GIF or each piece you would like in your portfolio. We will learn to optimize them in class using Image Ready.

Help :
"The Beginner's Guide to HTML" is useful if you have not worked with HTML before,
"The Barebones Guide to HTML" can be used as a reference.

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