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[ Lectures and Technical Notes ]

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 Lecture: Food Animation

[ Week 3 - DAY 1 ]


  • Name Slates

  • Flipbook: Event

  • Obstacle Bouncing Ball

  • Collect Morph Animation Cards


  • Object Animation Due on Thursday

  • You NEED to show up for your camera signup time (there will not be enough camera stands for everyone to do it the night before its due).



Food animation using replacement techniques

Technical Lecture:

Card Readers:

Using the card readers to get image off from the cameras.

Importing images in using Image Capture


Screening and discussion:

Food Animation

Cake Countdown, Pes: 00:10

Michael Pollan's Food Rules (02:13)

Food Fight, (5:30)

CandyJam: collaboration between a number of independent animators (6:52)

Food Bomb StopMotion Animation (00:14)

Doce Ballet (e.g. 03:43)

Hovis 'Fart' Commercial (00:32)

PASTAFARIX - Hedonix Witches Gathering/Psychedelic Trance Festival (01:19)

Creative Transitions, Graphic Match

Black Fly, Chris Hinton

History of Object Animation

The Automatic Moving Machine (good quality), Bossetti or Cohl, 1912

The Automatic Moving Machine (full version) The full version


Creative Transitions:

Graphic Match

"A graphic match, sometimes called a Match Cut, is a transition in film editing between either two different objects, two different spaces, or two different compositions in which an object in the two shots graphically match, often helping to establish a strong continuity of action and linking the two shots metaphorically."

Continutity Editing

"In general, "continuity" means that a coherent space and time are continuing over the cut, so that the spectator's understanding of a story isn't disturbed by a sense that bits of time have been left out or that characters have changed positions at the cut. "

Quotes from David Bordwell author of Film Art: An Introduction


Replacement Technique used with 3D Rapid Prototyping:

Henry Selick - Coraline

Notice that they have a head that they can put different facial expressions on.

coraline coraline

coraline coraline





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 Lecture: Scanning and After Effects

[ Week 3 - DAY 2 ]

Demo and making a movie in AfterEffects

Scanning flipbook cards:



  • Object Animation

Screening and discussion: