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[ Lectures and Technical Notes ]

How to scan morph flipbook

Students to do: Scan each card, number them sequentially and save in a folder. Import into After Effects and make a movie.

In Photoshop - File - Import - Images from Device...

Place card on the scanner in the TOP RIGHT corner (the other corners cut it off)

Stretch the window really big

Move all the little dashed lines to surround your index card

Set the following settings:


The Overview will rescan if you move your card.

Scan one to test and make sure it is correct before doing the rest.

Take the card out and put new card in and SCAN

Repeat forever (ha ha)

Each card should be on the desktop

Put them into a folder and bring them into After Effects and make an animation (see instructions below)

SAVE the whole folder of files including the movie into your own flash drive and BGSU account.