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[ Lectures and Technical Notes ]
Intro to After Effects

Projects (.aep) - only one can be opened at a time

File - Import - File

Select first file of the sequence


In the Project Window:

  • With the file selected, Right Mouse Button > Interpret Footage > Main
  • Frame Rate: Assume this frame as 24 frames per second

Save your Project - File - Save As
Name it and save it in the same place as your scanned files

Composition Menu
Select New Composition
Composition Setting

  • Composition Name: Name the file (username_comp)
  • Width: 1920 px; Height: 1080 px
  • Pixel Aspect Ratio: Square Pixels
  • Frame Rate: 24
  • Resolution: Full
  • Duration: 0:00:05:00 (0 hours, 0 minutes, 5 seconds, 00 frames)

    The Composition window:
    Shows the animation
    You can drag files from the Project into the Composition Window (it snaps in place)
          Numbers in Blue on top left = current time
           Top of timeline sliders:
                 Top one is entire view (whole animation)
                 Next slider is work area (the area you want to work in and see as preview)

    To do a Preview:
          Click the RAM Preview Button (or hit 0)
                it runs through once putting it in memory and then plays fine

    To do a regular preview hit the Space Key

    To change total time of animation:
    Composition - Composition Settings

To Render a final Movie

Save the Project before making a movie
      Quit all other Applications

File - Export Menu - Add to Render Queue



Composition menu - Add to Render Queue (Ctrl + M)


      Name it -
      Save it to the same place you saved your files (it will take up lots of space)
      Don't worry about the Save as Type box we will change this later


Click Render Settings - Best Settings (blue)
      Quality = Best
      Resolution = Full
      * Time Span - Length of Comp (make sure Composition Settings is correct) or use the Work Area Only
      Frame Rate - 24 - OK
Click Output Module - Lossless (blue)
      Format - Quicktime Movie (this automatically throws you into the Compression Settings)
      if you have to get back into a second time to change anything, select the Video Output Format Options
     Format Options:
            Video Codec: H.264

Click Audio Output ON/OFF

Click Output to: to change the name or where you want to save it

Open Current Render Details by clicking the arrow in the window
Click Render