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Week 1 - May 20 - May 24

MODULE 1 – Painter and the Exquisite Corpse

Posted by Monday, May 20
Lesson/lecture on Painter and tablet (Post by May 20)
Exercises in painter (Due May 22)
Information on Exquisite Corpse + reading (Post by May 20)
Reading: Exquisite Corpse Technique (link to follow)
Art examples
Discussion questions from reading 1 due Thursday, May 23 11:59pm (post Monday May 20)
Exquisite Corpse PROJECT 1, Due Tues, May 28, 8am (Mon. is memorial day, critique on Tues.)
Critique on Tuesday May 28 (sign up for a time, see course shell)
Module 2 (posted by May 27)

Using Painter, create images that are a result of group collaboration using a variety of methods along with one image that is a response to the group process. Refer to online assignment for tutorial, details and deadlines

Project Project 1 - Due May 28

Week 2 - May 27 - May 31

Critique Tuesday, May 28 (Monday is Memorial Day) for Project 1 (sign up for a time in couse shell)

Module 2 – Photoshop and Scanned Identity

Posted by Monday, May 27
Lesson/lecture on Photoshop using scanned image
Lesson/lecture on Photoshop using photo
Layers and other helpful tools
Exercises in Photoshop (Posted by Monday May 27, due Wed May 29)
Annie Leibovitz video
Example art links
Discussion questions from your research due Thursday May 30, 11:59pm (post Monday May 27)
Project 2 (see below) DUE Monday, June 3
Project 2 Critique on Monday, June 3

Using Photoshop, create images that represent you, but without any full body or full face pictures of you in them. Incorporate scanned images of objects, photos, textures or the like to make a montage or collage that symbolizes you. Body parts are OK.

Make 5 images using various scanned sources that represent you.
Refer to course shell for tutorial, details and deadlines
View sample works on class assignment page

Project Project 2 - Due June 3

Week 3 - June 3 - June 7

Critique Monday, June 3 for Project 2 (sign up for a time on class shell, Module 2)

Module 3 Narrative using Photoshop and Painter

Post by Monday, June 3
Lesson/lecture Painter and PS
Exercises due by Wed, June 5
Example links, video and reading on narrative imagery
Discussion questions from reading and video, Due Thurs June 6, 11:59pm
Project 3, DUE Monday, June 10, 8am
Project 3 Critique June 10 (sign up on class shell, Module 3)

Using Painter and/or Photoshop, make 5 images on your own that read as a narrative. The work does not have to be a linear story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Refer to course shell for details and deadlines
View sample works on class assignment page

Project Project 3 - Due June 10, 8am


Week 4 - June 10 - June 14

Critique Monday, June 10 for Project 3 (sign up for a time)

Module 4 - Alternate Reality using Photoshop and Painter

Posted by Monday, June 10
Lesson/lecture Miscellaneous Photoshop
Reading on photographic truth and how it relates to Digital Images
Exercise this week will be associated with the reading, Due by Wed, June 12
Discussion Questions from reading, Due Thurs, June 13, 11:59pm
Project 4 (Images and written response), DUE Monday, June 17
Project 4 Critique June 17

Using Photoshop and/or Painter, create images that incorporate sources including digital camera or video, scanned images or objects, web images and other forms of acquired imagery. Make 5 images using various sources that comment on altered reality (see assignment)
Refer to assignment for details
View sample works on class assignment page

Project Project 4 - Due June 17, 8am

Week 5 and 6 - June 17 - June 28

Critique Monday, June 17 for Project 4 (sign up for a time)

Final Assignment

Post by Monday, June 17
Sketches and contract due Wednesday June 19
In Progress work due Monday, June 24

Final Images Due Wed, June 26, 8am

Final Critique Final Critique Wed, June 26 (sign up for times)

Optional changes to Final project Due Friday, June 28, 8am

Use Photoshop and/or Painter to create a conceptually cohesive final body of work that fits together as a whole. You will write a final direction contract that will detail your intentions. Consider extending your work from other assignments.

Project Final Project - Due June 26 (8am) with optional changes due June 28 (8am)

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This Schedule is subject to change during the course and the instructor will notify students of changes.